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Thread: This is only Temporary

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    Default This is only Temporary

    Eh It's Kat the Kat Attack...

    I refuse to put up an avatar or edit profile info...since this is a temp forum..

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    Is it a temp forum only? I'm not aware of another one coming up. Anyone care to fill us in on that?

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    If the data can be recovered this is indeed a temp forum, if not this'll become the non-temp forum.

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    I am aware that we might get the old forums back; in the meantime I like to treat this as a perm forum, as I did with DannytheNinja's temp forum. What is so worth saving for later that it shouldn't be "used up" in a temp forum? If we get back the old forum, this forum might be appended to it: sideways (isolated, maybe as an archive) or on top: like a layer cake. I feel the community is in a way platform-independant. If you buy a song it may exist on a cd, in your ipod, even on an lp or cassette; but you have nonetheless bought the song; it's existence doesn't depend on the type of platform you store or reproduce it on, even though for the song to go from a virtual existence to "occurring" in the real world requires being embedded in some kind of real space. I suggest that our "community" exists, not only in terms of being embedded in a "space" but in time: if we ceased to participate with one another for a period, or the level of interaction lessened for a period, the community could be said to have partially or fully disappeared. As an interactive enterprise, the fullness of the world of the community depends on individuals' collective participation. The more posts others make, the more pix in the gallery, the more rep points are given or taken away from people by people, the fuller and richer is the world provided to me. (Even when I can not or do not read all posts... Even when rep is earned and given/withdrawn without my knowing between people, as is the case with hidden totals... The world becomes information-denser; and this is to my good. There's a whole other dimension to the quality of that information: a surfeit of low quality (offensive or inane or irrelevant) additions to the world will dilute the richness even while it adds to it in a more structural sense.

    Anyway... If you don't want to invest in something because it might prove transitory, that is up to you. I don't want you to think this rant was aimed at you even though it was in response to you. I am glad you are here... And in a few weeks you'll know either way what the permanent forums will look like.

    Thanks for the inspiration to spew thoughts on this stuff, I like to think out loud...

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    This is not actually a temp form. But if the data is recovered it's going to be put on this URL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genbaby View Post
    This is not actually a temp form. But if the data is recovered it's going to be put on this URL.
    Ahem. You just bullshitted yourself. xD
    This IS a TEMP FORM, not a TEMP URL. It will be permanent if our old forum can not be recovered. If it can, it will still be put under this URL. URL and FORUM = TWO DIFFERENT THINGS~

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    Welcome back Hello Kitty! I hope to see you around!

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