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Thread: Just wanted to say thanks to the ADISC community

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    Default Just wanted to say thanks to the ADISC community

    Even in the few days I've been active on here I feel like I've recovered from a period of extreme self-loathing. I don't have any AB stuff left, but I picked up my teddy bear today and finally let my baby side out after a six month abstinence from even thinking regressively. The feelings were so powerful and positive I question why I tried to quit in the first place; a life never feeling that way again would certainly have been a great loss.

    Thanks everyone!

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    That's great to hear

    Sometimes with all the threads filled with upset and discontent, it's hard to tell if anyone is really getting helped. I see it mentioned from time to time and it's always a good thing to see. Practiced responsibly, there's nothing wrong with this. Go forth and feel whole.

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    Yeah me to! you all helped me accept myself alittle more,

    love you all


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    Glad you have decided to open up Random! There is nothing wrong with being yourself if that is who you are.

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    Welcome Random! I rember how weird I felt at this in the years before the internet, thinking I was the only one...

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