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    Talking I'm so happy

    i finally got more diapers, when i got to wal-mart I was really nervous and i almost backed out for the second time, but with a little of self convincing i got the nerves and i went into the ile and i took my time(all 2 minutes) and i grabbed Depends best diapers they had(20 pack) and I went to the cash and it was a hot girl at the cash so my heart started to pound like mad and as i put my hand in my pocket I felt my pacy(I brought it to have something to focus on) and i thought"this is me, this is who i am, no one cares none the less the cash person, they just want their shift to end so they can get home."

    The girl told me how much i owed and i handed it to her with a smile and she actually smiled back at me, i was so like WOW!!!!! i asked her to double bag it for and i got and left the store.

    I'm now officially padded ^_^ lol

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    I'm glad that you are happy with what you did. It's always good to not worry what other people think about you. You are who you are and if your proud of who you are, then you'll live happy.

    I know it took me a while to not worry what other people had thought of me with my tb. I started to focus on my life and not focus on no one else, besides i can't control a persons life and tell them what to do, I just accept them for who they are.

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    Its really odd buying adult diapers at wal-mart mainly due to the sheer number of people in there. I always check out at the garden center or automotive center since the lines there are always short.

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    Sounds like that was a pretty intense moment. I know that it would have freaked me out. Actually, some people ENJOY that excitement. Probably because of the adrenaline.

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    Yea, especially for the 1st time. It does wear out after a while though.

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    Yeah, buying at walmart would give me an anxiety attack, even me with my 8 years of diaper buying expeirance. Anyways Congragulations on your purchase, do not use them all too fast. I would suggest going to a pharmacy next time though.

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