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    Default wearing diaper so people notice

    does anyone else ever wear a diaper under slacks or shorts so that it is noticable - or prehaps wear slacks or shorts that do really show a leak if the diaper overflows when out in public - or am i the only one

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    Butterfly Mage


    Yeah... Generally it's not polite to FORCE people to notice.

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    Ah, I am beginning to recognize a pattern on ADISC around this topic.

    There are those that get a kick out of others knowing or strangers noticing that they are wearing a diaper. Let's call them "Exhibitionists." Exhibitionists are posting to either share their experiences (to get a kick out of it?), to see what other exhibitionists do or how far they go, or to get validation from the community that they are not crossing lines.

    Then there are those that don't get a kick out of it. Let's call them "Tolerants". They typically say things like: "as long as nobody gets hurt or forced, it's all good" or "diapers are like underwear."

    The third group are the "Privates" who would never consider exposing their diapers to anyone except in a specific private and consensual context. Privates tend to pass harsh judgment on the Exhibitionists.

    Did I leave anything important out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcooper View Post
    does anyone else ever wear a diaper under slacks or shorts so that it is noticable - or prehaps wear slacks or shorts that do really show a leak if the diaper overflows when out in public - or am i the only one
    Yes, I do. I try to find a healthy compromise between my rights to wear and do anything relating to my body and the rights of others to not be offended.

    In places like the gym, pool or when shopping I make no effort of hiding my diaper, and sometimes wear clothes that easily reveal what I am wearing underneath. That doesn't mean that I walk around waddling like a 15 month old. But I will make no effort to prevent my shirt from riding up when I bend down and expose my diaper over my pants' waistline. Or at the gym I will simply change in and out of my clothes and treat my diaper as I would treat conventional underwear, making no effort of hiding them. Current fashion does not include short shorts, but if it did I would probably wear such shorts that might display a sagging diaper. I am a bit more subtle when it comes to tight clothing, such as leggings, where I make sure my diaper isn't too obvious.

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    i myself just wear what i have to and wear larger pants to cover it. you can tell i wear a diaper under my clothes even if you do not see it sticking out uder your shirt or top of your pants sometimes. i been wearing diapers for so long and i have to 24/7 due to total loss of bowel and bladder that i rather be fully protected. if they happen to notice sometimes i really do not care as i need them for medical reasons. thats my opinion

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    Not me...When I wear diapers I wear them that nobody can notice!

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    Wearing thick diapers (such as Bambinos) will make it nearly impossible to hide the crinkle. At one point I was stuck in the basement while my mom was watching a film (waiting for her to leave) so that I could move and not allow the diaper to be heard. SO no, I ain't no exhibitionist, and probably never will be. But when it comes to people that you don't know, it's not like they really care anyway. While I wouldn't go around trying to expose my diaper I wouldn't try to hide it in a public situation either (provided that family isn't around).

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    I am not an exhibitionist, but I am a private man in many reguards. I would consider going out in public wearing a diaper, but only to experience the comfort of a diaper at my convienience, not to show off.

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    i guess im more of an exhibitionist. usually when i go out i wear two depends max, yea not that thick, but i can't have them leaking. but on a few seperate occasions i wore two depends max and a bambino over it, and went into jack in the box and had a full meal. but i usually wear a onesie with a shirt so nothing sticks out, and loose clothing so it's not THAT bulgy. but i like waddling haha.

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