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    Default Motion sickness?

    I feel like I'm letting my son down. We got a Wii and he desperately wants me to play his games like Lego Indiana Jones with him. The problem is that after ten to fifteen minutes I start getting a headache.

    Now this comes from a guy that 10 years ago would sit and play Doom for hours on end. I just can't see being 32 as an automatic reason to start getting motion sickness. It also doesn't seem to make sense that I can ride the meanest rides at an amusement park and virtually ski through obstacles on a motorcycle without the slightest twinge.

    There are times that I will get a headache from being in front of the computer too long and have resorted to wearing sunglasses at times, which for some odd reason seems to help quite a bit.

    Short of taking Dramamine before playing games with my son, or upsetting an eight year old by being the mean Dad that will not play unless it is a board game, does anyone have any ideas or remedies from similar experiences?
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles khaymen.

    To begin im no medical professional although the best i could do is give you a few ideas and tips on how to improve the siutation. Have you been to and seen the doctor about this issue?

    In regards to the motion sickness asspect of the situation:

    Im sure if you just explain to your son that you arent feeling well and cant play then im sure he will understand and it will make you feel less guilty.

    Or even why dont you invite his friends round to play his wii with him?

    In regards to getting a headache:

    Everybody gets these although to reduce getting a headache follow some simple instructions below:

    1. Adjust your monitor resolution

    This might seem abit advanced for some users although it is easily done. Refer to the help section on the computer for information on how to change the settings. The reason why im saying this is because the lower the resolution the harder it is on your eyesight. The lower the resolution means the less LED dots on the screen which doesnt produce colour properly although if this is adjusted properly, it should look fine and take the strain off your eyes.

    2. Ensure there is enough light in the room

    If you are in a dark room and are sitting infront of a computer monitor then it will put strain on your eyesight as your eyes are constanly trying to focus on the bright light of the monitor but also trying to adjust to the darkness around the monitor. Turn the lights on!

    3. Ensure you are sitting at the right distance from the monitor

    If you are sitting too close to the monitor then you will be putting strain on your eyes to focus on a certain object on the screen, even know you want to see the full screen. Remember to keep that distance, wok on it, trial and error basis.

    Sorry, if im going on here but if you take into consideration all the points i have mentioned above then im sure it will help a little although maybe the simple answer to your thread is to get your eyes tested and possibly go to your doctor and get a check-up.

    Hope this helps,


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    I've had it somewhat bad when I was younger but it has gone away somewhat (though still et hit from time to time). There are a few times in games that get me really feeling sick. Headaches may be more due to other things then the actually movement of the game, but maybe not (don't know a whole lot about motion sickness).

    One thing, is if its the movement in the game, and not actual movement (best example would be: on a real boat you are actually moving with the boat, whereas on a boat in a game, the movement of the boat is being simulated), then I recall correctly Dramamine wouldn't help any. Since it is considered simulator sickness, not motion sickness. Apparently the causes of both are different enough the treatment for motion sickness doesn't work for simulator sickness :/

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    hrm... a headache isn't necessarily motion sickness. Most likely, what you're experiencing is eyestrain, or something, especially if you're using an old CRT screen @ < 75Htz.

    I'd check it out with your optometrist... The last time I went to mine, he told me I'm not blinking enough, and that's why my eyes hurt all the time... He says I spend too much time at a computer. :P

    If you have an LCD, and flourescent lighting, it might be a different kind of eyestrain... look, big glasses! ThinkGeek :: Gunnar Computer Glasses

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