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Thread: Things to do in TO, On a Budget?

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    So I decided to head to downtown Toronto for the summer and with my current working arrangements, I've got quite a bit of time off during the week.

    That being said, does anyone have any suggestions as to what you can do here for fun and while on a budget? Photography is one of my favourite pass-times but just going downtown and doing that can get old fast.

    Any and all suggestions (within reason) will be greatly appreciated

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    Bars. hit em. Go to the Elephant and the Castle, on Young Street, just up the road from Dundas Square. It's an english pub.

    Other than that, I don't know what you could do. Walk through the downtown core, I guess, it's very beautiful - especially on a sunny, warm day. You won't get lost because you can see the CN Tower from any part of the city.

    You can hit up the ROM too, and that should eat up a day at least if you take your time.

    Maybe go down to the beach. Toronto Island? never been, but it's gotta be worth it seeing as it's a local and tourist favourite.

    And because you like photography, you could try the art museum. Hockey Hall of Fame is worth a trip too.

    Hell, hop on over to Kensington Market. It's one of my favourite places in the city.

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    Thanks Chillhouse.

    I spent some time here last summer and did do quite a few of things you mentioned but I'm sure the ROM will be doing different displays and Toronto Island will be in much better condition than last year (I had to find a sea captain willing to go there during the public worker's strike and when I got there, it was pretty devoid of people)

    My favourite bar isn't far from where you mentioned, Smokeless Joe, it's on the opposite corner from the Scotiabank theatre. Real hole-in-the-wall but great selection of beer and the best mussels I've ever had.

    I haven't spent a good amount of time in Kensington Market, maybe I'll do that today. Thanks again.


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    I was just at the ROM and it's just the standard displays right now. They've got something new coming this summer sometime, though, I think in August. Not sure what, though.

    I'm gonna have to check out this Smokeless Joe place when I get back to TO in september.

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    Yea, the Kensington Market is badass, I LOVE that place, you find the most random odd things there...

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    There are a lot of professional and hobbyist groups and associations in Toronto, and best of all the meetings are generally free. You have to take a look depending on what your interests are.

    I know there's a monthly abdl meetup that Orca puts together. I haven't gone in what seems like a long time, but there are a number of interesting people (in both good/bad ways). Toronto Area AB/DL/AgePlay Monthly Munch! . We could also do a meetup of adisc people in the Toronto area (I know of 7 or so including myself).

    Whatever your interest, there are likeminded people around TO.

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