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Thread: Tape to hold it together?

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    Default Tape to hold it together?

    Today I went out and bought some Goodnites... or rather I bought the generic Target brand, called Underjams.

    What a mistake. The material rips way too easily at seams compared to Goodnites. I regret this purchase.

    However instead of throwing away the other 12 diapers in the pack, I figure that I could just use some tape to keep them together if they rip while I move around.

    Can anyone suggest me what kind of tape to use? Of what I've tried so far, Scotch doesn't work, and masking only works for a temporary amount of time with minimal movement. Would duct tape be any better? Do I need to resort to gaffer?

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    I use masking, but then again, I only get a minimal amount of stretch tension...

    Try duct once or twice to gauge the result, if that doesn't work move on to something stronger.

    Also- Underjams are notorious for having some of the worst pull up sides to date, don't get down about it.

    Also Also- 12 more? Surely you can spare one or two for the sake of SCIENCE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaachanTheWench View Post
    Also- Underjams are notorious for having some of the worst pull up sides to date, don't get down about it.
    Haha, wish I had known that beforehand

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    Quote Originally Posted by The D View Post
    Haha, wish I had known that beforehand
    I would have told you before if you asked D:

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    Clear packaging tape works great on plastic-backed diapers, but I can't guarantee how well it would work on Underjams. That said, I regularly use it to supplement the tapes on Depends/Abenas when they need some help. The only issue is that applying packaging tape to anything is L-O-U-D. If you live with your parents, you'd need a hell of a lot of distraction noise to apply it, and forget doing it when people are sleeping.

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    Ok this will sound extremely weird...o.o

    Now then, where I live the only diapers available are Depends or Tena Slip. Depends are horrible, or thats what my experience with them was, so I only use Tena Slip. I have the same problem...if I wear them for a bit too long the tapes will loosen themselves, the diaper will feel "saggier" and the tapes will eventually slip off (in my case, not the tapes intended to go in the plastic front side of the character but rather the beggining of those tapes...I hope I get my idea across.)

    tl;dr, I tried stapling >>
    And it worked!

    So far i've yet to get hurt by the staples (I staple the tabs of the diaper to the front of the same) and I do it while standing up and wearing it. Im very careful when removing it too. Before I did this I couldnt sleep with diapers because the tabs would end up completely separated, but with this I sleep with no problem or pain ^^

    I know its weird but it worked for me o.o

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    Reinforced strapping tape. It is impossible to stretch. By the way in my opinion I would rather wear depends briefs than a pull up. I dont understand why everone is down on Depends they are way more absorbent than pull ups. Maybe you are talking about the Depend pull up?

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    UnderJams make great stuffers if they are not working for you. Even if you pair them up with Depends you will end up with a pretty good diaper. As far as tapping them, Gaffers tape should work if you have some. But at $15 a roll is it worth using on diapers?

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    I use duck tape when my tapes fail (which is more offten then I would like)>.<

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