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    Anyone else own this game I play both of them for about 6 hous a week Elite Beat Agents is slow...

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    I own the original and EBA. I unfortunately do not have Ouendan 2. I also am not that great at them (stuck on the last song on hard in both EBA and Ouendan). But ya, those games are sick and its a shame they didn't get more popular.

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    what ficcuculty you doin I prefer Insane/hardrock on invible mode

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    God, I love this game so much. I've played and beat both Ouendan on Insane, and I'm playing Elite Beat Agents now. It's too addicting not to play. *.*

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    I love EBA.
    It sucks that Ouendan 2 was only released in Japan, though some friends told me that the playlist from the first EBA is much better than the second one.

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    I never played Ouendan but I have Elite Beat Agents and I love it so I think I'll find a copy and give it a try.

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    EBA is sad compared to ouendan the last song on a ouendan 2 is soo hard on invisible mode lol I play it so much I built up a calis on my stylis finger

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