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Thread: Euthanasia

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    Another serious topic, today about Euthanasia.

    If you don't know, Euthanasia is the practice of medically-assisted death, also called well-death (from greek words "eu" and "thanatos")
    When somebody is terminally ill, sometimes ask for euthanasia, because with it he belive he can die without pain.

    Time ago, In Italy, a man Terminally ill asked for Euthanasia because his illness was painful and he wanted to stop to suffer. So a debated started. Somebody was in favor of it while others were against. some people decided to start a Hunger strike to support his decision. In the end a doctor choose to grant his request since it was a voluntary request.
    Sadly, after his death, church didn't allowed a religious funeral because "his desire to end his own life is against catholic dotcrine".

    Personally, I'm in favor of Euthanasia because if somebody is terminally ill and he want to stop to suffer Why he can't? it is his life and he must be in control of it.
    But, to be honest, I'll never ask for it.
    I can't Understand why this cannot be allowed. Why some countries can decide to kill somebody giving him a death sentence and, the same person cannot decide to kill himself if terminally ill?

    So, What are your opinions about it?

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    In favour, as long as the person is in sevre pain or will die from a painfull death in the near future, such as lung cancer.

    It should be strictly someones choice, and nobody else should be able to decide for him, like a family not signing the form.

    As for Religion condemning it as a sin. As we know, in most countries, The church is separate luckily from the state.

    So the church can tell him 'You know, your going to hell for this'', but they can't stop him from acting it out if he chooses so.

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    Well, I think it's tough because once you decide there's no going back. Maybe you would have felt differently the next day. Like if you were having a particularly depressed period, and then decided.

    That said, though, I don't see why it should be illegal. I don't like the idea and wouldn't choose it either, but if you choose it on your own freewill, then I can respect that.

    On the other hand, if it's legalized, it would blur the lines on suicide laws. I think suicide in general should remain illegal (so that law enforcement can intervene). And then you'd have a whole mess of deciding who could do it, why or why not, etc.

    The net result? Well, I'm not really a proponent, but I probably wouldn't raise a stink if it were legalized (assuming the law had sane terms). I think we can all find a reason to live, even the terminally ill. It makes me think of the quote:

    "Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful." --Buddha

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    ofcourse it should be legal! every person has his right do die if he is underalot of pain

    If I had a friend who would be in alot of pain or would have to live maybe with a bunch of wires going inside his body to help him live etc and he would want to die I would help him!

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    Assisted suicide is legal here in the US in Texas and Oregon.

    As for suicide and it's legality: it's not illegal. They don't punish you or your families. That's true throughout the UK and US.

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    Well if someone chooses to have it, I think they shoud have to talk to a therapist or something first, and to have enough time to think it all through...I think doctors should be allowed to grant it, but wouldn't it be against the Hypocratic Oath? But I don't see the problem if the person chooses to have it done...I can understand the religion aspects of not giving the person a religious funeral, since suicide is a sin...But it's more of a homicide when you think about it, since it's the doctor doing the killing...There definitely needs to be papers filled out so there is no recoil against the doctor, etc

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    they only do it for terminally-ill patients. there is no need to see a therapist if you're going to die soon. only a small percentage would opt for assisted suicide anyways. i bet there is already a ton of paperwork filled out as well.

    from what i understand, the patient administers the procedure to himself, the doctor just gives him the tools and the place to do it. it's really not homicide either way.

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    Euthanasia should be allowed. If you look at it from a religious standpoint, there are so many people who don't follow any set religion or any system of belief for that matter, and through that they are not hindered by moral or ethical conflict. A request for euthanasia comes from the pain and prolonged suffering of a patient who, with great confidence, are sure that they are not going to get better. Does that not seem like a reasonable request?

    No matter which established religion you follow, there are always stories about suffering and triumph. The idea that no life is without pain and failure is merely a reflection of what life is anyway, written in words on paper to capture what sacrifices we must make to live in this world and instil a sense of obliviousness. Keeping people in the dark on a matter is a form of power, because if you appear to have the answer or solution, then people will blindly follow you. The idea of eternal damnation is enough reason for [a lot of] people to follow a religion.

    This is one reason why there is so much backlash against Euthanasia. To save those against the reprimand of God, and damnation in hell (or whatever equivalent each religion has). This whole issue is essentially those who wish to do the wrong thing, but for the right reasons. Against those who wish to do the right thing, but for the wrong reasons.

    Both parties are justified in their cause, but both cannot be without the other. Pro-euthanasia technically is the wrong thing to do, in the sense of prematurely ending a person's life. But, it is done for the right reasons. I mean, we shoot animals to put them out of their suffering, so why is it any different for humans?

    But the religious groups wish to do the right thing and maintain the sanctity of a human life, to give it value and meaning. But the way in which they let the person continue suffering is flawed and saddening. What I don't understand is why religion's have a huge problem with euthanasia, but they do not have a problem with technology that prolongs a human life. I'm sorry, but to warmly accept one extreme and purge the other without consideration is just bigoted. Both are unnatural ways to alter the length of a human life. When you look at it, do you really want to live until you are 130? Become so frail that you depend on everyone for everything? If that were the case, then what freedom would we have left?

    With the advent of human life extending far beyond what it used to, we need the means by which we can cope. I feel someone who is - without a doubt - going to die very soon should be allowed the request of euthanasia. If not to end their suffering, then - at least - to finally pass on so that his/her family can move on as well, past the stage of mourning and grief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handfulofoats View Post
    As for suicide and it's legality: it's not illegal. They don't punish you or your families. That's true throughout the UK and US.
    I thought it was, as law enforcement can stop you, but it would seem you are correct. As for punishment.. you really, uh, couldn't punish someone for suicide . And, of course, punishment is the last ting a survivor of an attempted suicide needs.

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    we're talking about euthanasia right? I mean, a suicidal person shouldn't be allowed to kill himself, just because they're depressed, right?

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