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    For those interested in the.. forced making of dirty diapers when trying to be as babyish as possible, ever tried Epsom salts? I've heard it works with varying degrees of success. Although personally, I've done it to have nothing happen. Just became annoyed at the very salty taste that for some reason, only lemon or lemon juice masks the flavor of. (why? o.0)

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    My most successful combination is Miralax (a hyperosmotic, draws more water into the colon) with a mild glycerin suppository. Pretty much impossible to hold it back, and it's not watery like an enema. Never really tried epsom salts, though.

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    I take epsom salts every once in a while. (once every 3 or 4 months) I usualy have pretty good results with it but its way to runny in my opinion. I prefer suppositories or enemas cause its pretty much one shot done, but epsom salts makes you pretty comited for 2 days.

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    I like the Fleet Liquid Glycerine Suppositories. Faster-acting and more powerful than the regular, solid, melt-in-your-butt kind. Sort of like a mini-enema.

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    Epsom salt itself taste horrible and it gives you all kinds of unpleasant tummy cramps. Not worth the pain, just throw that Epsom salt in your tub and take a nice bath and have a enema when you get out. It's good for your skin anyway.

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    This sounds like something somewhat excessive to me...I like the liquid glycerin enemas, they are very fast and they work very well.

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    Had to take Epsom Salts on Doc's orders for medical reasons a few years back.
    Was not fun.
    Tastes disgusting and was rather... unrelenting.

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