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Thread: Cuddlez whats a good stuffer for them???

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    Post Cuddlez whats a good stuffer for them???

    Im curios on where to find a stuffer in the uk i will buy online any help is greatfully accepted. I wear cuddlez diapers (bambino eqivalent to americans and canadians) and just want a little more absorbancy.

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    I'm rather fond of Bambino's "Quaddro" stuffers.

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    I don't think you can get those off the Cuddlz website but Pampers size 6 work really well! You can pull the cloth layer and the elastic cuffs off to just get a rectangle pad, which works really well. Just cut a few holes into it (for draingage)!

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    Yeah, for some reason Cuddlz don't seem to sell them, though A little strange, given that Cuddlz are rebranded Bambinos. Why only sell the diapers and not the stuffers? :/

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