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Thread: A password is no longer enough.

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    Default A password is no longer enough.

    Ever heard of Ophcrack? It'll crack alphanumeric Windows password from a live CD. I don't know how it all works, haven't had a reason to try it. It is for legal purposes only, for use on YOUR system. Any way around this? By the way, if you're stupid enough to try to break into someone else's system with the program, don't blame me when the FBI is at your door step. Just to let you know.


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    I can do the same thing with a floppy disk or flash drive, and have been able to ever since NT4, truly. If you can touch the machine, you can own it. It's not even that you crack the password, you just over-write it, instantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Can someone tell me how to do this?
    Ussing ntpasswd is the easiest way to do it, imo.

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    I have a friend that is awesome with computers, his brother uses alphanumeric passwords. So my friend hacked into his acoount and was caught by his bro. His bro broke 2 of my friends ribs with a baseball bat. Ouch

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    Well currently I have the administrator password for EVERY system in my county(it was too darn easy).

    Just wanted to add that random bit in there(I don't use the password, but I keep it just to know I have it, and I didn't hack or anything)

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    i remebered some netuser command that resetted passwords... I forgot how to do it though... if I remember it I might post it on here.... *ponders on how to do it* I think its netuser *insertusernamehere* pass *then a pass or nothing here*

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    L0phtCrack has a very big list of every password you can think of.
    I.e: Mike, MIKE, MiKe, mIkE, M1ke, m1ke, M1K3, m1k3, m1k3, etc etc Form A to Z.

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    There is ways do stop your system from being under this type of attack.

    Because with XP and 2000 it saves the passwords with LM hashes. Hashes are bascially a code that can not be worked backwords. I.E. Work out the password from the hash. Its a one way system. The problem with this is that even with the more secure NTLM hashes, it doesn't add a salt to slow down Rainbow Table attacks to the point it is not feasible to do.

    All my password contains special characters and are at least 12 Characters long. There is a tick box somewhere (I think in the policy editor, it may be present) By default Vista does not store the LM hash. So it will not work against vista.

    If you want some real fun. Use Metasploit + AutoPwn. Then you can gain access to unpatched remote machines.

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    ntpasswd doesn't have to brute force, it doesn't matter how many characters long or what characters are involved. It just accesses the sam file directory and over-writes. Brute-forcing is silly.

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