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Thread: I need the help of someone who plays the Fourth Generation of Pokemon.

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    Default I need the help of someone who plays the Fourth Generation of Pokemon.

    So, surprisingly enough, the IRC channel is useless for this. You'd think that out of the million people in there, someone could help me, but oh well.


    My sister sold her DS to GameStop, so now there's only one DS in my house - mine. This is unfortunate, because I tend to trade between my different Pokemon versions every now and then.

    I'd like to do that now, but need the help of some third(or rather second)-party to do so.

    Is there anyone here who would be willing to act as a middle-person for the transfer of a pokemon from my Diamond version to my Soul Silver version?

    I would need you to trade me one random/useless Pokemon to me in exchange for one of my Diamond Pokemon, and then trade that same Diamond Pokemon back to me to my Soul Silver version.

    I'd be willing to give something in exchange for the help. The reason I want to get my pokemon from Diamond to Soul Silver is because my Pokemon in Diamond have Pokerus.

    So.. If you don't already have it, I'd be happy to trade a Pokerus pokemon to you for you to keep.


    So.. Yeah.

    Anyone got the means to help me and the next 10 minutes free?

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    Sorry, I do not speek nerd mes :p Please translate to us too cool for pokemon people :p

    I dislike pokemon. so I'm no help.

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