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    Do you ever listen to lullabies to help you get to sleep? Do you have a favorite? Please share!

    YouTube - Lullaby for a Stormy Night

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    Nope, although I do get told stories! From a variety of sources (no one tell Charlie, but when he won't tell me one, I get other people to do it!! )

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    Not lullabys really, but I listen to music sometimes. Usually ambienter sorts of stuff. Tool or Neurosis are both solid, or anything with more instrumental focus instead of lyrical stuff that's not too intense. So I guess it's sorta the same deal, just a different vibe, ya know?

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    thats one of the things i want to try...lulluby music nursery ryhmes and kids music to see if it helps me sleep and even if i can connect with the mean time i have the old and new pull ups commercial in mp3 audio only and video format...

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    Hello FruitSniffer,

    ^5 to a fellow Oregonian!
    Quite a lovely melody, and 'Rain' certainly suits this State!


    I can't listen to anything with words while trying to sleep, but 'Nature Sounds' (waves, brook, rain(!), etc.) often do help. I also like easy 'Classical'.

    Thanks for sharing that Song. I'm going to enjoy saving more of her music, then probably end up buying her CD's!


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    Hey everyone, my favorite thing to listen to as a Lullaby each night is Schnuffel <3 Idk if you guys ever head of him! :P But you might just like him too XD

    YouTube - Schnuffel Bunny - Snuggle Song

    YouTube - Schnuffel - Ich habī Dich lieb - official video

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    not so much a lullaby, but i always listen to the radio till i fall asleep, then i get woken up nice and early by Hughesy, Kate & Ed. I dunno why, but late night music, especially the remixed house stuff, calms me down, and helps me sleep. Yeah, i'm pretty weird

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    don't really listen to lullabies, but usually need some sort of music on to really get to asleep :/

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    Hmm, I have my music, which some times I put when I go to asleep: Pink Floyd - The darkside of the moon or The division bell. And Songs of distant earth by Mike Oldfield. Some times I use something different, but if is it necessary.

    I can sleep five meters from railway track and donīt give shit about the trains. Iīm trained to asleep everywhere. How - itīs another question.
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    Not technically lullabies but I've heard some rock/metal songs that have been made into lullabies (music is played lullabiy style so softly and slowly), they are actually pretty good. I don't use them to sleep though just heard them on youtube.

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