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    Default Hi, I'm Scott

    Hi, my name is Scott. I'm incontinenct due to a spinal injury 26 years ago. The condition is called CES (cauda equina syndrome) and has lect me with no night time control and impaired daytime control.

    I don't much care for diapers durring the day but I've come to love them at night. Anyone close to me knows I'm incontinent and it really doesn't matter. I never lost any friends and I've never been ridiculed. I do however feel a bit ashamed that I actually like wearing diapers to bed. Most people would expect me to hate them.

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    I welcome you, Scott, to the adisc forums. It's great to have you here!

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    What happened to your spine? (if you do not mind sharing with the group)

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    Default The injury

    My back was already sore from slipping on some ice while carrying a 50lb package and I went to a house party with some friends. We were all hanging out in the kitchen (that's where the food is ;-) and a 220lb friend of mine that who was sitting on the counter behind me decided to jump on my back and we both went crashing to the ground. I was tall and slender so the unexpected weight herniated 2 of my lower discs into my spine.

    I now have no feeling in the top of my left leg and no, or very little, ability to tell how full my bladder is other than a slight anxious feeling and some other slight feelings that I have learned to translate into the need to urinate. I frequently dribble for a while after peeing and if I ignore the warning signs and don't find a restroom I have a sudden uncontrollable urge that is actually quite painful and then I lose it and helplessly empty, which really sucks. Depending on fluid intake, I can normally hold it up to 2 hours. At night I sleep through any need to go and seem to wet constantly.

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    Hi Scott, welcome to the group. I want to thank you for sharing your history with us. I hope your still friends with the buddy who jumped on your back. My mom used to get after me all the time about horse play..... I guess people can really get hurt. I am sorry to hear about your event, but glad to meet you!

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    Default Friends

    We are still friends. I never told him what he did, it would only make him feel bad. He's one of those compulsive guys who does things without thinking. I'm sure his last words will be "watch this!". People like him are fun to party with though. You never know what will happen! I've had to post his bail twice :-)

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    Welcome to ADISC, Scott! I hope you enjoy or community we have here. BTW, do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share here?

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