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    One thing that I totally do enjoy about diapers is being a able to just sit at my desk at work and when the urge comes to let the flow out as slow as possible. It took me awhile to develop the mental (i think the mental part is the hardest to overcome) concentration to know that I have to pee and not to wait so long that it gushes out like a fountain. Now I have worked on the technique of when i feel the slightest urge to let it dribble out. I find that by doing that the diaper does fill up slowly and not have the problem of to much volumn. I also love to (if i have a strong urge) to tighten up and control the flow so it gives that nice presure buring feeling.

    Anyone else have techniques for controlling flow at work - or anyone else enjoys wearing diapers to work - has anyone had any problems wearing one or double layer diapers at work ???

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    Well I work in a clean room up to 14 hours a day so I must have a thick diaper that can work that long. a bambino with one or two pampers stuffers does that well. I just go when I feel the need and even if it comes out fast my diaper can hold it no problem.

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