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    I have been back in diapers since age 9 when i was having trouble staying dry. My parents were disappointed in me and put me in Pampers fulltime for the summer. I stopped holding it and at the end of summer I was very stuck with little control and facing a new school year. I got undies for school but they didn't work out and I ended up in Pampers even in school and never ever got back out. I have no regrets about being in diapers and many know I am in diapers. As a kid I took a LOT of teasing and as an adult I don't care what others think. I would enjoy meeting others and helping others, I am age 47.

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    What do you do for a living? Did you go to college? Have kids of your own? Married? Things you like to do on the weekends? Summer Plans?

    Welcome and enjoy.

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    I work in an office and do IT support. I attended college in the midwest and majored in accounting and computers. I am married and we have a daughter age 26 ready to be married. I like to work around the house and surf the internet. I hope to hit the beach for a few days this summer and look forward to several weekend trips.

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    Some of the new people we're getting in seem so cool. Welcome and glad to see some computer-centric minds joining this forum. Wish I had plans like that, if any this summer. Since living on both coasts I keep forgetting that there's lakes out in the midwest. Glad to see you want to help others on here, it never hurts to have more people like you.
    What OS do you use? What kind of music do you listen to? Does your significant other know about your diapers? I'm sorry if my questions are kind of weak, I've been working a lot and didn't get much sleep recently. Anyways, we welcome your presence and when you have time, check out the IRC channel either up top under 'Live Chat' or your favorite client. Great way to get to know people.

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    Wow you have a 26 yo daughter. Cool.

    What would you do if your daughter soon to be husband was into diapers? (just asking)

    As kite said you seem descent.

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    If my future son-in-law were into diapers i would accept them openly. I wouldn't participate in anything but would offer full respect ans open acceptance. I would be very open about my diapers and answer any questions truthfully. ....the joys of being me, very open and understanding as each of us are different but yet very similar.

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