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Thread: Wanksta with out a couse

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    Lightbulb Wanksta with out a couse

    Let me start by saying how sorry I am. I've been on the site for a week or two, put up 20 post, started 3 tread and have not given myself a proper introduction.

    My Name is Thugg_Lite. despite my name I'm in fact wrighter then a snowman with a bukaki fetish. It was some stupid name I use to register to free porn sites, and so far no one else has used it, so I just run with it.

    I don't quiet know where my intrist in diapers started but it hasn't stopped after Lurking the interweb for a good 5 years. So i figuer wtf I might as well start contributing. who knows maybe People will think I'm cool then, and maybe Beyoncé will stop by my house too suck my as me and chuck norris play scrabble.

    There are two big things i'll put there. First is that thow I do hate most people equally There are two groups of people I have no tollerance for, and hate with a FLAMING passion. A, people who try to talk to me like I'm a freaking retard or 5, (Not to be confused with people who talk down to me, they're most likly my boss or cops,) I'm talking about the kind of people that tell me somthing is fun when anyone with an IQ higher then there shoe size can tell you it's gunna suck. these are the kind of people that if I heard died, I would go into town, and pay to learn Gymnastics just so I could do back flips over hearing about there death.

    And B. people who try to tell a good joke, and end up ****ing it up. I'm not kidding. I know its stupid that I take humor so sereasly, but I do. When I was 7 I punch my muther in the mouth becouse she butchered the "how do you get black kids to stop jumping on the bed," joke. And befor you say any thing you'll be pleased to know my muther forgave me and I still feel like shit for doing it.

    Second thing you should know, is that I have a loving intreagmint with anything normal people find too gross or '****ed up' to evan try to think about. Transexuality is one of my favorites that tends to land in this catagory. Altough the proper term is transgenderism. Menstration is another great one that almost all men will go 'dude shut up, I don't want to think about that shit.'

    And thats me in a nut shell. any quessions

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    Umm... yea...

    first off Mr Thug man... lose the "street" lingo... you aren't going to impress anyone here with all the 4 letter words... this is a site for young people... and I don't think the majority of us appreciate F this and F that.

    secondly... welcome to the group...

    Edit: and I believe the term you are looking for in the title is "Rebel without a clue."


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    I'm sorry for dropping the Fbomb, And thank you for the Welcoming

    P.S. Rebal with out a clue, thats a good one . Wish I thought of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thugg_Lite View Post
    I'm sorry for dropping the Fbomb, And thank you for the Welcoming

    P.S. Rebal with out a clue, thats a good one . Wish I thought of that.
    Hey... appology accepted.

    and the line is from a Tom Petty song... IDK if he actually thought of it or not... but I like it.

    C'ya around.

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    welcome to the site m8 hope u enjoy it here

    i edited because the 2 last posts came on while i was typeing =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post


    I saw this thread before and thought I'd save him the embarrassment.

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Your pet peeve about the jokes was kind of...odd, to say the least. It is not just any pet peeve, but one that makes you so angry that it gives you the anger to punch even your own mother? Wow! Interesting. Did someone tourcher you with bad jokes when you were little? haha.

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