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Thread: Migraines & Headaches - Do you suffer?

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    Default Migraines & Headaches - Do you suffer?

    I suffer from migraines and was wondering how many are fellow sufferers and what have you done to help stopping them.

    My triggers are sugar, low blood sugar, and high temps.

    I take amitriptyline every night as a preventive and Maxalt at the beginning of my migraines if I don't think I can work through the migraine.

    I used to take 1200mg of Advil every day except Saturday and I was guaranteed a nasty migraine on Sunday, I was experiencing rebound headaches. I'm glad my doc told me to stop and the week I did was hell but I'm 50% better now.

    What works for you?

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    Sounds like you had a drug overload there that was almost causing the migraines you were trying to stop. Watch out for the toxicity with taking such a high dose, that stuff can be caustic to your stomach too.
    The worst migraine I ever had was stress from school and work that triggered it. I lost vision for a good minute or so in my right eye. It just fizzled and blacked out going from my whole right eye and hazing the vision of my left eye's outer edge. I didn't take any medicine for it (I was stocking alcohol at the grocery store and just stayed in the cooler for a while) and luckily my vision came back. That was the first and last time that ever happened to me.

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    I get headaches sometimes though mainly though lack of not eating, eating stuff I shouldn't (fried, fried, salty, etc) or just out of the lack of proper hydration (not drinking water). So drinking water normally helps me since it's mainly caused by lack of water.

    If the headache can't be helped by food/water then I'll listen to some relaxing music.

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    I get them & mine can be so bad, it can cause my vision to blur!! My triggers are citrus fruits, being out in the sun too long & allergens in the air!!

    The best thing for me, I have found, is to get home & get to bed, sleeping it off in a darkened room & no noise from anything!!

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    Ohhh Maxalt! I got that sexy stuff a few years back, even though technically I was too young for it!

    I've had a long history of migraines and headaches, but I'm on the mend now, in fact in the past year I've not had to take any migraine medication at all!

    When I did have them though, I got things called cluster migraines, which is a migraine... that lasts for about a week and a half - so not cool! The first time it happened I ended up in hospital for a week and it was on my birthday!!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I get a form of migraine called a cluster headache. I only get them every 2-3 years, but when they manifest it lasts 30-45 days. It's absolute torture.

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    I used to get severe, sick-to-the-stomach headaches near the temple areas of my head. They weren't migraines, but made me too sick to work at times and could last up to four days. Only thing that would take the edge off them was Tylenol #3 w/codiene. Eventually, I had an allergy skin patch test done and found I had a strong allergy to molds. It made sense since the headaches were worse from Fall to Spring when the weather was cool and damp. In the hot, dry Summer I rarely had a headache come on. After taking allergy shots for some months the headaches subsided and never plagued me again like they used to. I'd still get the occasional *normal* headache which Advil would take away, but no more four day jobs leaving me wanting to cut my own head off for relief!


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    I usually get headaches (not horribly bad, but still ugh) if I don't eat, haven't drank enough water, and sometimes it happens and can't find anything to stop it but eating, til I stop and it comes back again :/

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    I get them every few months generaly from waking up and going from my dark bedroom into the living room that getsblasted by the sun in the morning. When that happends all I can do is go back to sleep because pills don't work.

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    Butterfly Mage, I've been a chronic clusterhead for over ten years solid now. I've come close to committing suicide more than once (I'm sure you know why they're called suicide headaches). I get migraines in addition to my clusters, but I figured out my triggers quite a while ago and can avoid those fairly easy.

    The problem I run into is that I get about six cluster attacks a day that last from two hours to four each. It pretty much ruins my life if I let it, so I try not to. My neurologist has actually been treating it with pain management therapy even though this is not the usual course of treatment that most doctors follow, the difference is that it is working enough for me that I am living a life.

    Other than that, I've been told it's all in my head. I think they're right!

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