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    Default life long AB/DL

    been a diaper all as long as i can remember. love it.
    started being a DL at about six years old. when my parents found my love for diapers, they decided to keep me in them 24/7, hoping this would cure my desire for them. HA, it didn't. it just made my desire greater.
    have enjoyed them ever since.
    all my family excepts this now. even my family doctor excepts my diapers.
    thank you ADIS for this site. elliott

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    Welcome Elliott!
    Diapered 24/7 as a punishment? Sounds too much like a cliche DL story to be true. But I guess these things happen.
    Sorry that your post took so long to be responded to. Yours may have been overlooked because you didn't really tell us much about you. Anything you'd like to share? How long were you forced to be diapered for? It must be nice to be able to enjoy this desire whenever you feel like it.

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