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Thread: Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

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    Default Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

    I love flea markets! I get so many good bargains at them when I go. I spend so little, and I come home with A LOT of stuff. And it doesn't have to be flea markets either; Yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, etc are also good to me. Today was a great day for a flea market, so I headed out to one this morning with my friend, Chuck. I spent $9, and ended up with an amazing haul of nostalgia! I even made a video about my finds today, and put it on my YouTube. Most of the items I got today aren't even ABDL related, but I did get a Baby Smurf plush from the 80's! But my haul in general was great! It was a lot better than I had been doing since the middle of Summer last year, and will probably be my last one for a while because starting in a couple weeks, I am going to be going as a vendor, rather than a buyer . But I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff I don't need/want anymore. So, how do you feel about flea markets et al? If you like them, what do you like to buy? What is the best bargain that you have ever gotten at one?

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    I'm a big fan of charity shops

    Best bargain I've gotten was EITHER a brand new duffel coat which still had the tags on, which was originally 160 for 6!! It was that seasons coat as well!

    Or maybe my limited edition dress which should have been 150, which I got for 20, again tags still attached.

    Both of those I found near my hometown in Scotland, but my favourite charity shop is in London, where all the posh rich people live, where you can get REALL nice designer goods that have only been worn once! It's still really expensive though!

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    I LOVE flea markets. I have an epic flea market 10 minutes away from me, the 400 Flea Market (named after the highway it's beside, Highway 400) I never go though. It's only open on Sundays and there is no transit to get there. I wish I could go there...

    When I was down in Mississauga visiting my dad, we went shopping at Good Will to pick up a few hard cover books for me to read for the weekend. I read a TON of books, I can usually finish a 250 page book within 3 hours. Well anyways, so we are there for books and dad likes to see if there are any sports memorabilia to buy, and low an behold, there was a 32" HDTV in like new condition. We got that TV for $20, the thing had to be worth around $300, even came with the remote. I guess the people upgraded and didn't want the TV anymore. That had to be the best find I ever had.

    And there was this one sale at a grocery store my mom used to work at called Zehrs. They had a 3 person canopy swing the was originally $199 but they were selling off in July (as that is the time they close down the garden center for the year, which makes NO SENSE whatsoever, as summer isn't even midway through) for $49.00, but with my mom's discount, we got it for $32, or something like that. The thing is so comfortable, I like to sleep outside at night on it...

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    I used to go to a dollar store and snatch up all their $1 cds from old dance record labels. That store fell out of business and was put in by another thrift store. There I got diapers for $3 and nice inline skates for $7. They're not great finds, but I mostly go there for clothes anyhow.

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    Another flea market/thrift store lover here. The bigger, the better! There's not any good ones around here, unfortunately. I've come across some cool, vintage baby gear and kids toys at flea markets years ago when I lived in a more urban area. We do have one farmer's market close by where I've bought a few baby strollers in the past. You have to hit it at the right time. Sometime there's plenty of neat stuff to rummage through and other times it's mostly just junky items.

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    In 2 weeks, I'm heading down to Stratford, Ontario to visit my dad for the weekend. On the way down there, we are gonna go to St. Jacobs Farmer's Market and Flea Market. The biggest Flea Market in Canada. Over 600 vendors. The thing is like a small village. CAN'T WAIT! I went there last year, got so much epic stuff!

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    Thrift stores have bothered me lately. The prices have inflated DRASTICALLY (things that used to be $1 or less are now $5) and that's really not cool. I still enjoy going but it's not an inflation thing or anything, it has a lot to do I think with whoever runs the show knows how best to price things. Even garage sales seem to have gotten bad. It's like we've gone from trying to sell a lot for a little to selling a little for a lot. I do laugh at the people who do these garage sales charging essentially full price for things or got them for free and are trying to sell them for profit...I really see nobody buying from them so it has to mostly be stuck in their heads that their crap is worth more than it really is.

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    oh, man. Thrift stores are the best. I got a pair of leather pants that were originally $200 for $25 at the one by my buddy's place, and my pink bunnyplush, $1. ^^

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    Altric: I figure I have probably been to the same flea markets as you, though probably not at the same exact time. I haven't even been to any this year.

    I got a nice pair of headphones at a flea mart in Eighty Four, PA (I think that's where it was anyway) a couple of years ago. They were about $5, I think. I still have them, and they still work, except that the noise-canceling broke recently. Oh and they would have been about $30 if I bought them at a store. When I was little, my parents often took me to the Perryopolis flea mart on the weekends.

    Goodwill has some interesting things sometimes too. I got a programming book for 99 cents, though I haven't actually read it. (haven't done much programming in a while at all really)
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    I gotta say, It's been awhile since I've gotten a really good deal on anything while thrifting or yard saleing. Usually, there's just nothing around here, or the people want too much money for their stuff. (That's the trouble with living in a rich community!) The best deals that I've found though have been: An awesome Duster for five bucks, and a 20 dollar computer and monitor set, which I used for little things for about a year and a half. Fun!

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