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Thread: Just a thought I had (Transgendered female to male)

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    Arrow Just a thought I had (Transgendered female to male)

    I Never seen or heard of a Female to Male Transgendered person in to diapers. Any one ever seen it, evan in a story? If I am just blind, or an idiot then I appolagise. But I was wondering why that is.

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    there are a few around here. it's not obvious, but talk to people around the chat rooms and you'll get to know them pretty good.

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    That's a good point!

    There's only one person on ADISC who has "Female to Male" in their profile. Of course there's a few people with "private" as their sex too.

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    I wonder why that is.

    P.S. Thanks Charlie for the Edit of the Title.

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    It's pure statistics.

    First of all, as most of you have noticed, there are a lot less women on this forum and other forums like it than there are men.

    Then, of course, of women, only like 1 in 10 000 or possibly even less, are FtMs.

    Finally, the diaper thing isn't exactly macho and the FtM is pretty big on masculinity. Even if there are some, they'd likely be serious secret closet cases.

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    lets run with the stitistics

    MtFs consider them selves Female

    FtM consider them selves male

    If there are more males into this stuff then females.

    Then there should be more FtMs then MtFs.

    By the way if anyone is affended by this topic, I'll stop now.

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    Well I find the TB thing to be very un-masculine... And it seems like a lot of male TBs here are far from very masculine types. And there's plenty of sissies and LGs here. So it seems like males who are into TBism tend to be a bit girly.

    You'd have to ask a MtF person, but maybe the TB thing seems appealing because it's not very masculine.
    Whereas a FtM would want to be male, and might be put off by the idea of something like this... I dunno. Just a theory.

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    Good point, Wheres Sawaa maybe she can spread some light on this

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    Charlie's pretty much got it dead on. Thug, you're not considdering the common emotional/psychological reasons people are TBs and the reasons a woman goes FtM.

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    I think I see what you are getting at, Now that I think about it. It's not so odd

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