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Thread: i think i need skid lessons

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    Default i think i need skid lessons

    now after tonight agter coming home i sort of crashed my car i changed gear and the just spun the car, and mounted it onto the centrial resiveration.

    so now i am going to have to look at getting some skid pan lessons, any one have any tips?

    oh and i will update tomorrow what dammage i have done to me car, after i have looked at it at the mo i know i need 2 new wheels :badday:

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    You most likely dropped one gear too many or let the clutch out too quickly, what you need is just more seat time in that car it will do you better than skid pad driving lessons.

    We all learn from our mistakes, you just received a more expensive lesson,I hope your undercarriage is undamaged, and a few wheels and tires get you back on the road..

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    well since a changed up a gear it was manly due to the road surface.
    i just wonder what would have happened if i was driving my merc rather than the bmw

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    Maybe you needed new tyres to begin with. If your old ones have worn down too far, they'll lose contact with the surface too quickly, in which case any access power makes you go spinning.

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