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    Hello all I am Joe, and new here from West Michigan. I am not new to the diaper sceen, but just new to this site. I am 26 years old, and have been into diapers scince 18. I am mostly DL, but I do like to be AB here and there. I like to do alot of things outdoors, like fishing, boating, golf, 4wheelen, and just plane ol relaxing. I like to build modles, and race R/C cars.

    What I am looking for/wanting is to just meet new people. New people who have similar interests who would like to chat. I like diapers, but they do not rule my life. I do not have to wear them, but just for fun. Don't get me wrong I like to talk about diapers, but I do not want to have the converstion about them. I like to talk about other things and interests beside diapers.

    I am about just having fun with people, and hope to meet new and interesting people here.

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    Welcome Joe! Why hasn't anyone else given this guy a welcome? (Shame on you community this was a respectable intro page)

    Anyways its nice to meet you. Outdoors sure are a lot of fun huh? I agree with you on the not to interested into the diaper lifestyle, although I am taking a big plunge into it soon, see my Teen thread. But I also chose this site for the general conversations and to meet new people who happen to share this dirty secret. I never really get to fish much but I think its a lot of fun too! Just being outside and quietly taking in nature. I got to go to a ranch recently and I had a great time there too soaking up all that there was to see. 4wheelen ridan must be a lotta fun too! I've never really had a big toy like that to play with on some dirt. I don't even own a small one (R/C cars)

    I'm still new here myself. Just relax and jump in to conversations that interest you. Don't overlook the off topic forum theres a lot of fun to be had there. You should start one about your hobbies and see if you can get a better discussion going on there to those who can relate. Best of luck to ya!

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    Hey jms25, welcome to ADISC from a fellow Michigander . There are a lot of us on here, so keep posting and you'll be able to access the Regular's Forum where we have a map. There are plenty of car guys here too, so I'm getting the feeling that you will fit in here quite nicely. Like LonelyPlanet said, this is a quality intro you wrote here, and I'm sorry no one seems to be responding to it!

    Enjoy your time here, it's a great place to be .

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    hey there, welcome to the forums. I am also in W. Michigan.

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    im curious, what sort of mdels do you like to build? are you a fan of/ tried doing model minatures similar to warhammer.

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    I like to build plastic car and airplane models. I have tried to do miniature models, but found I do not have the patience to do it.

    I have been real busy the last couple months and have not had a chance to get on the site. I am glad to be back, and hope to not have anymore absences away from adisc.

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