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    Well i'm making a big change in my life and i'm going to leave the community for a long time. I will be in the irc here and their but i don't want to came back to this site. The first step is to leave my past behind so all i can say is Thanks Adisc for all the advice and help and Thanks to the members who have assisted me also. I will Suspend my account till August but by that time i might forget about it but i know if i do come back then i will have all my stuff back instead of losing all of it.

    Good Bye and Thanks Everyone

    mods i would like this account suspended effective 5-20-2010

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    Well bye and I think you need to pm someone like Moo for the temp ban.

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    Never got to chat much but still sad to loose a friend and fellow furry off roader.

    I suck at good byes so, good bye, good luck, and keep it in the dirt/snow.

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    Bye wolf! Hope you don't regret this decision.

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    Well i might come back in august. i told the mods to un suspend my account till then. thanks to everyone who did send me a PM and thanks to those who have helped me too. But i will be active on FA since my lover is going to be with me but we will have very limited internet access. if i decide to come back i will make my decision when the time is right.

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