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Thread: Where to find Tranquility ATN?

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    Default Where to find Tranquility ATN?

    Where can I find Tranquility ATN here in California? I wanna pick up a package and try them out I would like to pick them up from a store rather than order online...

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    I was talking to the guy at dry britches and asked what was up with a lot of these higher end diapers not being sold in stores and whatnot. From what he said when you sell your product in places like CVS they kill your profits, and when you say you want to pull your product your addicted to the numbers so you cant. Your best bet would be to try your local medical supply stores and even then i wouldn't bank too much on the ATN's. Hate to say it but online is your best option.

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    Well, I don't know about California, but I get my ATNs at a diaper specialty store called Diaper Depot. Also, a generic (preferably non-chain) medical supply store could carry them. Sometimes, people have had good luck asking the owner of a small drugstore, etc., to special-order them diapers. Or, you know, the Internet.

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    I think I got mine at Northshore I'm not sure if they are in your state, shipping was fast.

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    you can always order free samples. I have about four times now and I always get ATN and slimline or something like that

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    Yea i go through Northshore Care from Amazon to get my ATN's

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    You're extremely unlikely to find them sitting on a shelf... but if you have a local independent drugstore, you might be able to have the druggist start stocking them. You have to ask, but it's not really any more embarrassing than buying them off the shelf.

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    I tried getting some of the 'top shelf' diapers from a local medical supply company (even one that specialized in mobility aids) and none of them had any of the good diapers. The best I got were some of the easer-to-find plastic backed Attends and they leaked through the plastic backing. Good luck on your hunt.

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    Here are prices from my diaper$ chart for some of the cheaper ATNs.

    Tranquility All Through the Night Disposable Briefs Adult Diapers
    Tranquility ATN
    Med 32-44 OZ-27.5
    0pk 0 0ea
    96cs 77.4 0.81ea

    Tranquility ATN | Tranquility ATN Briefs | Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Disposable Briefs from
    Tranquility ATN
    Med-32-44 OZ-33
    12pk 11.95 1.00ea
    96cs 77.95 0.81ea

    Tranquility 2185 All-Through-The-Night Disposable Fitted Briefs (Medium) 12/Bag Tranquility ATN
    Med 32-44 OZ-33
    12pk 10.15 0.85 ea

    National Incontinence: Incontinence Products - Incontinence Help
    Tranquility ATN
    Med 32-44 OZ-33
    12pk 16.95 1.41ea
    96cs 79.95 0.83e

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