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Thread: Trip to the store today! Attends breathable..

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    Default Trip to the store today! Attends breathable..

    Heres what I did today...

    I was running low on diapers and I was in town so I stopped by this one medical place that I hadnt ever been to but called in the past to see what kind they sold. Anyways I pulled in the parking lot and there wasnt anyone else there so I was like cool this is gonna be easy well it was until I walked in the door. There setting at the desk was a very pretty girl that looked right around the same age as me. At that time my mind kinda went blank. I was about to say dang my g/fs car was out there but she must not be in here but I decided to just tell her I needed a pack of medium attends briefs. She was like "Ok and looked it up. She went in the back and came back with a pack and asked me if thats what it looked like I needed and I quickly said " I reckon im just running errands today". When I got to the car I just my prize out and I ended up getting attends breathable briefs. I figured they cant be to bad even though they were low in absorbancy.

    As soon as I got home I couldnt wait to try them out so I put one on and I am sitting here now. After the first small wetting I am quite dissapointed. I really didnt know they were cloth backed until I opened the package that was a big for me. Anyways back to the wetting part I wasnt even done with the 1st one and they started leaking like crazy. Personally I think they are pretty much underwear with tabs. I honestly think depends has these beat. They may be great for some people but not for me. They seem pretty comfy but I rather have my clothes dry.

    How was everyone else experience with these?

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    I was as disappointed when the Assurance brand at Wal-Mart went cloth backed. I'm sorry for your difficulties. If it makes you feel any better, others have done this and more will do so as more brands go cloth backed. This is why many of us dislike the underwear and other cloth backed diapers.

    Live, learn, and take a moment to make sure you are buying what you want next time.

    Or, ... if you are a bit more daring you could go back and ask to exchange them.

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    The Wal Marts here sell Assurance, but they are still plastic back. they look and feel a lot like Attends 10. Maybe its the market? but if they sell them here, then you may be able to get them special order or online from your wal mart.

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    Haha oh well ill use them anyway...Ill probably end up going to the same place again I was just amazed by the girl working there. Hehe atleast I hope I never run into her again.

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