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    I was just wondering if anyone knows of any online stores that have the option of shipping with tracking. I.E. a signiture is required on delivery, i'v ordered a few things (my collar, tail and ears) via this way so the package doesn't get delivered to my house, i just get a pick-up slip, head to the post office, sign for it and it's mine (dnt know bout in US, but id imagine its the same thing).

    I cant find one store that does this, i really want some bambino's just to try them out, i love they're prints and i really want to start using tabbed diapers (i got a free one with my NUK 5 and i loved it! but i can only find diaper pants in stores here) I know they're a bit expensive but i don't mind, i just really wished they did signiture on pickup, got a nosey brother i live with, bit hard to explain a big light plain box getting delivered...

    Any help guys?

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    Domestic Bambino orders for anything larger than a sample are handled via UPS and is tracked. I can't imagine why an international order would be shipped without tracking.

    However, Bambinos are incredibly expensive to ship internationally. You be wise to instead find an Australian internet supplier for ordering diapers. Basically any internet supplier of significantly priced goods offers trackable shipping options, much less an incontinence product supplier for whom privacy is a common concern of customers.

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    Thanks fruitcake, im gonna have to send bembino an email to double check (i just really want to try them out).

    But yes, il keep on the hunt for a local store (a bonus being so close to asia, they have a lot of this stuff with cheap shipping to aus)

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