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Thread: The Thor Movie!

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    I'm going to ignore it, same with the captain America movie...

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    I'll hope for the best but I'm not expecting anything good or even particularly watchable. I'm a huge fan of the Simonson run of the comic but there have been so many other interpretations that I felt missed the mark. He's a hard character to do right even in comics and that makes movies doubly (exponentially?) more likely to go astray. Getting Branagh to direct is a positive sign for me. He's done some dogs but when he gets something right, it's great, and I could see how his style could be applicable. I'd really like to see it done well but I'm not holding my breath.

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    I don't care. I went to see Iron Man 2 and my brother wanted to stay until the end of the credits and there was a segway to the Thor movie.

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    Geez you guys are deadheads, its the Norse god of thunder for chrissakes! lol I just hope its better than Robin Hood :P

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