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Thread: Let's talk about our jobs or education!

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    Default Let's talk about our jobs or education!

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be kinda cool to ask what everone does for a living, whether you are a student with a part time job or working full time at a job you love. Or maybe you won the lottery, so you don't work :P.

    So I kinda wanted to make this a little fun by asking:
    What do you do?
    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    What do you love about your job/education?
    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one?

    Well I'll write about mine for starters.

    You'll hear us in the morning usually once a week. We take what you don't want and get rid of it for good. Yes, I'm a garbage man (as stated in my intro).

    Well how did I end up doing this job? Well I'm sure most of us have peeked through our windows and spectated the garbage man, but don't really pay attention to what's really going on. I thought it was pretty cool that you got to destroy stuff all day. So basically whatever you could fit in the truck, was crushed by 200Tonnes of hydraulic force. It's pretty cool throwing in an old Tube TV(even though your not supposed to :P) and watch it blow up and glass shards go flying everywhere XD.

    Depending on where you live, you may have a truck that picks up your can with an hydraulic arm and dumps it, or you may have a manual collector.

    I'm a manual collector, I drive a single man collection unit, and I can tell you, it sure was WEIRD learning to drive one of these huge trucks standing up on the right hand side. These things have two linked steering wheels which is pretty cool.

    What I find most annoying about this job is that I will pick up one side of a street on front street collection, and then come back on the opposite side of the street, and there on the side I just did, someone puts their garbage out late... and then calls me in saying I missed it. That's really annoying. Also i'll get those people who will fill a garbage can FULL of bricks or a bag FULL of dirt, and expect me to dump or lift it...Super Man quit last week guys...

    Other than that,the thing I love about my job is that it keeps me in really good shape, I lift 10-20 tonnes of garbage every day so I stay strong and healthy as well as occasionally find some awesome stuff some noob thew out which is perfectly fine.

    I plan on doing this job as long as my body can take it. Its a really fun job.

    Any questions? feel free to drop me a line.

    Your turn guys.

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    What do you do? I'm a student and as my VIP title says, a makeup artist in training. More specifically special effects makeup. But I'm doing alot of face painting lately for childrens shows.I also work as a stage technician and run shows, which helps bring some money. I have also worked as an actress in haunted houses.

    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    Makeup Artist - Small children.
    Stage Technician - Actors.
    Haunted House Actress - Drunk people

    What do you love about your job/education?
    Makeup Artist - I love gore, scaring people, and I love make someone into anything they want to be!
    Stage Technician - I love being backstage, I love being "magical". Everything about it.
    Actress- I love acting and I love scaring, so why not combine the two!

    Overall I am really just an entertainer.

    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one?
    My goal is to one day have my own haunted house, so really I'll be combining all three jobs! If not I hope to do special effects for film.

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    I work support for a software company that provides forms automation solutions to hospitals as well as on demand printing solutions, bedside consent, document imaging, and lots of other random stuff that I don't support. I also attend a 4 year university where I'm a computer science major. Currently I'm a junior and hope to be able to graduate fall of 11'.

    The bigggest pet peeve about my job is when people don't even try to fix a problem themselves and just call support straight away. They paid several thousands of dollars for training but don't want to even try. In terms of school I hate hate hate that most of the time they offer classes at times that I can't take them because of my job.

    The best part of my job is that it gives me real world experiance with what my major is and gets me a foot in the door so to speak which is a lot more than most of the kids I go to school with can say.

    As far as my future is concernedill probably stick with my current job unless something better presents itself after I graduate.

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    I work as a Customer-Relations Manager for a Technical Support call center. I take escalated calls (angry customers) and basically if the agent has been on the call too long per Service Level, then I am required to take over the call.

    My only pet peeve about this job is basically unreasonable requests from customers. When I take escalations, some of these customers are so angry, they won't listen to reason. "I want to return this TV or I will sue you" comments like this require escalation to corporate, and that just takes even longer to reach a satisfactory resolution for the customer. I am here to help, and I take pride in first-call resolution, or at least as close to as humanly possible.

    Best part of doing this job - Well, I get to tell people what to do LOL.. Nah, it is very satisfying when you resolve someone's issue when someone else couldn't. Not to mention, pay's not half bad either

    ..Eventually... well, I'm just going to see where life takes me. I've got a very good mind about me and my work, so I know I'll go far but I don't have any aspirations that aren't reasonable. I am rarely late to work, come in every day and enjoy working (no matter what the job is or how unpleasant it seems..)

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    Well I'm a student doing my A levels in biology, chemistry, maths and psychology. Will be sitting my final exams this summer. I'd say that my biggest peeve has to be the exams, there are just too many to take IMO, I mean we have 4-6 exams for each subject which seems a bit much. My favourite bit would either be just getting to see my friends, the excellent relationship we have with the staff now we are older and basically adults. Or the fact that my psychology class has 13 girls and I'm the only guy .

    In October I hope to go to uni to study biochemistry and then I'm not totally sure on what to do next. I'm thinking either forensics in the police, working in a lab manufacturing drugs or possibly teaching biology/chemistry.

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    What do you do?
    Industrial maintenance / machine repair.
    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    I'm under paid & under appreciated for the skilled work I do.
    What do you love about your job/education?
    I work independently, creativity, and pay is above average for the plant.
    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one
    I'm pretty happy where I'm at but hope to retire early.

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    What do you do?
    I am a full time college student in a science major (won't specify)

    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    Bunch of awkward antisocial nerds like myself. Too little variety in the students. My study habits are not up to par with what is expected of me so I'll be working hard to survive next year.

    What do you love about your job/education?
    I am in it for the knowledge and I love what I have seen so far. Unlike most people I genuinely want to be here at the college and I am interested in what the classes teach me. Also all this college freedom is a plus.

    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one?
    I'm not interested in finishing college quickly I'd like to be here as long as possible. Perhaps I'll take up another major or two. After I am kicked out of Undergraduate school for being here too long, I plan to go to graduate school! Of course this all can change in the future with what my interests mature to be. I'd love to go all the way but perhaps I'll stumble upon an offer that I won't be able to refuse.

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    What do you do?
    I am a stockboy at a landscape supply center, I also own an eNewspaper and control 12% of media distribution in my community with that paper.

    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    Stockboy- The meaninglessness of that job.
    Entrepreneur- Finding people willing to work and perform in the manner that I expect.
    What do you love about your job/education?
    The people I meet

    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one?

    I would like to pursue a career in business and politics. I would like to become an FSO(Diplomat) then move into business. One of my fantasy goals is to own a railroad(and to make it REALLY interesting I want to own a single rail line stretching the length of the Western Hemisphere).

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    What do you do?
    I'm a mobile computer tech. Basically drive to houses and small business, fixing/setting up/training anything technological, primarily pc's and servers

    What is your biggest pet peeve about your job/education?
    I don't have that many peeves with the customers, over time you end up learning how to communicate to different types of people. The main problem is the driving, not having a boss on my back and the freedom of the open road/loud music all day is great, but Perth’s a very spread out city, and when they book in a job 2 hours drive away and expect me to be there in 10 minutes, it starts getting a little annoying.

    What do you love about your job/education?
    I know it probably sounds stupid but helping people get over they're fear/lack of knowledge about technology is pretty fulfilling. People are very welcoming when you can speak to them in lame-mans terms and explain stuff without all the sale's spiels and tech-talk. Mind you, i could really use a pay rise lol

    What career path do you eventually want to follow? Or do you already have one?
    I really want to get into politics, i just get so annoyed about a lot of the stupid decisions our politicians tend to make, all the time.. i want to be able to help society, as a whole, progress, rather than being stuck in this sense of a "nanny state" (i.e western australia)

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    I'm an auto mechanic, basically I just work in the local wrecking yard, walking around with a phone and pulling bits off for customers which they need. Also I will drive around with the boss to get fresh wrecks or work on the floor fixing whatever is up on the hoist.

    My biggest pet peeve is all the ***holes that you have to deal with, and the fact that it is rather difficult work. I am rather underpaid but do a few side things that relate to the buisness to make a few extra bucks.

    What I love about this work is all the opportunities to get free/cheap cars, a trade that will always be useful, and opportunities to get anything I need to restore my cars. That's my little hobby, restoring all the ageing classics I find around and selling them, or taking on personal mechanic work outside of the buisness.

    I think I will be fine to go with the path I have already chosen, though I may turn it into just a hobby and go with designing vehicles instead. It has always been something to take my interest, and working on cars you really think what the [email protected]#$head that designed this was thinking, so I would like to design them better.

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