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Thread: Attends Fitted Briefs W/ Waistbands

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    Default Attends Fitted Briefs W/ Waistbands

    was interested in buying some attends w waistband. not the breathable kind cause i heard they are cloth backed. the real question is are they plastic backed like others. the ones im currently using are Tranquility ATNs ( Favorite)
    Depends maximum protection.

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    Welcome to the forum BTW Hope you enjoy yourself here.

    You also have to remember, that if you're sitting in front of a computer right now, then you already have the answers at your fingertips. Little word of advice, try doing a lil research, you'll probably find what you're looking for. I stopped using store-bought diapers when I was 14, so I really don't know, but i'm sure SOMEONE here has used them before

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    Welcome, While I dont know anything about the diaper in question, as a new member, you sort of need to post an introduction in the Greetings / Introductions fourm. Just tell us about yourself, what you are into, and your NON diaper related hobbies too, we want to know about the person in the diaper, not just the diaper.

    (Lol, its fine, My first post was a realy stupid offtopic post, it was like, 2 am DX)

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    I have had some experience with Attends, and my advice is to stick with the ATNs.

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    Yes they're plastic backed. It tears easily, so be careful when you readjust. They are very comfortable, but sadly, the only bad thing is that the polymers tend to ball together... Not funny!
    They are acceptably thick, and super stretchy. (thats why they're comfortable...)

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    Attends are not what they used to be but they're 1 up on the Depends still. I'm wearing the same ones you speak of right now. They are thicker than Depends but not by much. I recall trying a sample of Tranquility ATN but cannot make an accurate comparison as it's been awhile.

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    I recently found that the ATN are a perfect fit for my body. They are a kind of diaper that you feel when you wear it. 'Snug' is a word that comes to mind. The Attends are plastic backed and very soft, but otherwise not good of quality. Maybe with a (Pampers) stuffer they are OK, if you like that style of 'diaper building'. I'd say...stick with ATN, unless you are like me that needs to try new diapers :-)

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    Default six tape attends

    as previously stated they are not what they used to be but then I have never seen any diaper get better only worse. They are ok doubled up even better doubled w/stuffer will hold quite alot, give em a shot you have nothing to lose but a few bucks.

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    I happen to like Attends with waistband. They are plastic backed and are less clinical looking than many adult diapers. The plastic has a babyish look and feel. They are not as 'high quality' as the ATNs that you are accustomed to, but they are quite nice. I like to put on an ATN, tear the plastic, and then put on an Attends over as a double diaper. The absorbance is great and I like the look and feel of the Attends.

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