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Thread: Struggling with my AB/DL Identity

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    Default Struggling with my AB/DL Identity

    Generally speaking, I have always considered myself to be a DL. But as of late, I find myself more and more curious about my AB side, which is starting to come out. What do you think is the best way to explore this side of me?

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    Let it flow, see where it takes you. Theres no point resisting it, you might end up with stronger urges if you do. Enjoy it

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    Exactly what Coyote said, just explore it as you want and see where you go.

    I was in the very same position as you, until February this year when I began exploring my AB side (after calling myself DL for about 10 years). Now I would truly say I'm an AB and I finally feel happy with it, it am also much more satisfied now spending time as an AB, it feels like it completes me.

    So just explore, try out different things (paci, bottles, kiddy tv/films, toys etc) and see how you feel. If it feels right you can then always move on to looking at AB clothing (onesie, sleeper etc).

    Ultimately just enjoy yourself and have fun!!

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