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Thread: Ciao! Bonjour! G'Day!

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    Default Ciao! Bonjour! G'Day!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm very stoked to have found this site - I've been around a while online, but have always kept to myself - the past six months I've really been keen to connect with others who are like me ("normal", but who like diapers too :P). I suppose this has stemmed from a feeling of being disconnected, and questioning who I am and where I'm going... anyways, this sight looked really cool and the people seemed really friendly (yes, I had a skim before I wasted time registering :P). I've been on forums before (I seeked assistance from a website dealing with youth depression when I was younger - and the online community helped a lot) - and I'm hoping that I can "get involved" in this community too.

    Cause I'm boring, I'm going to paste from the wiki I read on greetings :P (man was there a lot to read before posting!!)

    Hobbies And Interests

    Outside of the life an an ab/dl.... :P
    Ok - I'll chuck a lot in here for you all
    I'm 26, Adelaide, Australia, live at home with parents (and my sister and brother in law just moved in so "yay!"), am Scorpion (so Scorpion :P), Italian heritage (born in Australia)...
    I work full time for a local council; involved with business planning, finance, policy development and sometimes general admin :P (its like a default role for young people) - I'll have been there for 7 years this year!!
    I study part time (evenings), and am very interested in International Relations (studying double degree in int. relations and management) - so I'm always up for a chat on how the globe is looking (politics, religion, finance, environment, defence.. etc - it's all worth talking about!).
    In my spare time I like to write, read, draw, take photos (I bought a killer camera last year ), muck around online (SL), watch tv and movies (and talk about them - yes I talk alot!), lounge with friends, hang out at a good bar/lounge, eat great food, taste different food, dream about travel, think about the future andddd most recently, Ive started to play the piano again (I bought the beatles top songs for piano - almost have "hey jude" down pat ! woohoo!!)

    ... sooooo I can't think of anything else there.. lets see if I cover it below...

    How Is Your Life
    It's average - has it's ups and downs. Work is sometimes very stressfull, then an exam/test/assignment for Uni will get chucked in. Family moving back in is not fun :P
    I'll put here, that funnily enough my dad walked in as I was surfing this site, and I was just lying in my bed in a jumpinjammaz "one piece" with diapers underneath - and he just laughed and said I looked like a bear (and since it's very cold tonight), and that I must be warm. I totally freaked out - he doens't know about what I "like to wear" (my mum does - another story!)
    - and I'll presume he didnt notice my nappies .. funny though, cause my mums seen me in the "pajamas" so I just walked into the lounge behind my dad, and my mum just looked at me (she wasnt keen on dad knowing) and laughed (played along with my dad)... so maybe theres more to it later on - ill let you all know...

    How You Found This Site
    Google - I know.. borrrinnnnggg... but I was searching (really, on google?) and I found this

    What Brings You To The Site
    So other than what I've said already, I 'spose this is where I'll put info about my abdl lifestyle.
    I started off liking diapers (thick, thick!) and have progressed (regressed!) to liking baby stuff - I have a paci, bottle, two fullbody pjs (what are these called?? - the things from 'jumpinjammaz') an onesie, and diapers (of course). However (and I don't know if this is because I grew a beard or not... post hoc ergo proper hoc?? :P !) - but I've started to get this idea that I want to explore my babyfur side - so maybe I'l get into that soon!
    Umm... but really, I want to be able to realise that there isn't anything wrong with me and that I can live a normal life now and in the future..

    I'm going to bed now (i've written too much and it's 10pm!) - so i look forward to mingling tomorrow!


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    Wow. I couldn't imagine doing that in front of my folks. I have always been careful to keep that side of my life away from others (Not out of guilt, or thinking there is anything wrong with being AB - it's just none of their business IMHO) but wow - if they did know I don't think I could do that to them or myself I'd be way too self conscious and feel like I put them in an awkward place, but I'm glad it is working out for you.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I appreciate highly that you took time to actually look at the wiki on greetings and also followed all criteria for it. I hope that you enjoy your time here on the site especially since you have already shown me at least that you have the mindset and dedication that we ask for the newbies here. So, I guess we have yet another Aussie here on this site! We have had a recent increase in ADISC Aussies here on this site! Also those Canadians on this site.

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    Wow, that was an awesome intro! It's always great to see when people put an effort in to see how the groove of adisc works by reading the sign-up stuff. Welcome to the site!

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    Hey Aussie, I agree with above - that was a great intro! Keep posting as I'd love to hear more from you. Your profile says you are gay. Any ongoing relationships? If so, do they know about your diapers, or would you ever tell a BF about your diaper stuff?

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    Hi welcome to adisc!

    I commend you on writing an awesome introduction thread!

    if you want to meet some more aussie's (like myself!) join my group: aussies unite!

    the link is in my signature (words under my post), join up and say Hi


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    my inital reaction to this ntro...

    woah, Ffuk..

    but WOOHHOO another wog (i can tell your one, same attitude). heres a cheers from a sydney greek. living in the wog centre of NSW, the st george area.

    hows life after plastic? (bags i mean)

    your a council worker.. hard to get into there, im gonna beon the environment side myself (ecology, contamination etc will be my forte)

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    Smile Welcome Aussiemjm83

    Another Aussie! Welcome to ADISC from the east coast. That was the best researched introduction I have seen yet. All the best with your work, study and future. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. Enjoy your time here.

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks very much for all your kind posts - I was getting worried that it was too much (no replies after a few days ).

    To answer a few comments/questions

    - Yes I am Gay, and no I dont have a boyfriend (I haven't been the most active looking person) - I spose any future boyfriend I had, I'd want them to know and accept (and be part of it - maybe a daddy ) - but I'd be very cautious with telling anyone who I'm in a relationship with. The only people I've ever told so far are three really close friends and my mum.

    - So yes, my mum knows. I woke up one day and just told her (awkward). She was very nice about it, but wants me to work towards "fixing it"... sooo...

    - Yes, very Italian (and Australian) - good to see others around - and before anyone asks, yes Italian, means hairy (very :P) - I'll thank my dad for his good'all southern italian genes for that..

    - Back on my dad - he saw me in the footed sleeper, and he actually hasnt realised it's "baby clothing". He thinks its good as it'll keep me warm . I definitely dont want my parents to be in an awkward position, but so far it seems ok . I will continue to wear diapers underneath and I suppose I'll deal with that when/if my dad "notices".

    - "woah ffuk? :P - yes, I think that sometimes myself. Life after plastic bags is fine - we're just waiting for the rest of the country to come to their senses and ban them - after a few months, you pretty much remember to bring recycled bags - and if you dont, it's only 10c for a plastic one!

    OK, I'm going to wander around the forums more - I really appreciate the warm welcome, look forward to chatting to more of you (aussie, greek, italian, american, or not ).


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    Welcome ye fellow south aussie to adisc!! You've stumbled on the best abld site on the net. Great intro too by the way. Are you a crows supporter??

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