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Thread: How to type a post correctly

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    Default How to type a post correctly
    Have a nice day.

    Seriously, I'm a grammar nazi. And I absolutely hate being in an English environment with people speaking English as a native language, and spelling better than a lot of people. It's a real pain to read some posts that don't even have punctuation or capitals, and I think people should at least take the time to press Shift or add a comma when it's needed... People should learn to respect their language. </rant>

    If you have anything to add, feel free to do so.
    I think this kind of thread has already been posted before, actually. :/

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    This has got to be the one of the most common threads... After a few "diapers fitting me" type threads.

    Stuff these threads always have:
    "Make an unreadable post, don't expect people to bother read it."
    "Isn't it funny how people who have English as a second language often do a better job of it than people who speak English as a first language? And the apologise for their bad English!"

    That's all I can think of!

    Anyway... use FireFox for the spell checker. Use MS word to check grammar if necessary (although the best way to learn grammar is to read!).

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    Honestly, you can try and try to get people to use proper grammar, but the truth is that this is the Internet and 95% of the people you are trying to get this message across to, just really don't care. I wish people would take the advice given in these threads, but people figure that since it's the Internet they don't have to speak the correct form of their native language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F
    This has got to be the one of the most common threads...
    A shame that it should have to be though. I find it annoying that any forum should be blighted by poor language. It either means the users can't physically use the language, (in which case a)read more and b)how bad were your teachers) or can't be bothered. You;ve decided to be a member of this site, you should put the effort in.

    [factoid]English as a second language is becoming more useful than English as a first language[/factoid] because English speakers either complicate it too much or use the language so badly that it is impossible to understand. Why can't we just use good English, not too complicated or simply unreadable. It isn't difficult.

    Just out of interest, are any members who aren't first language English on any forums in their first language? If so, do they have problems similar to English here?

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    Well I agree with you DS, however I wouldn't fret if the person has a few grammatical errors. Not everyone is a great English student.

    however if you are going to type like this with no sentences, capitals or punctuation then im not going to even bother reading your posts sure its still readable but im not going to waste my time

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    Of course I don't really mind if there's an error here and there, I'm not that picky. But I've seen people typing with no capitals, punctuation, with tons of grammar errors and I can't even figure out what they're trying to say.

    It happens too much.

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    Poor avery, I don't think I've seen him use a capital letter.

    I wonder if "avery" is grammatically correct. A proper noun should start with a capital, but if the noun is someone's name, and the name doesn't start with a capital letter, it can't be right to refer to that person using a capital can it?

    Although with avery in mind, I'd say a post is only a mess if it lacks commas and full stops.
    Because when someone posts like this it's really hard to read because it's like they are speaking really fast without any breaths and nothing they say really quite makes sense because you are just waiting for them to collapse from lack of oxygen from speaking without using and commas or full stops and it's really quite annoying and I wonder if anyone has actually read this sentence rather than just seeing the jist of it and moving on and since when was "jist" not a word and this is a British spell check an' all!


    Or if spelling is terrible. I'm really bad at spelling, a child with a broken hand and a spear through their brain could spell better than I could... but it doesn't show because I have a spell checker! And don't just let the spell checker correct you and move on... learn what your mistakes are and correct them. If you see a word that is labelled as being spelt wrong try to correct first, before having the spell checker do it for you. "Labelled" took me 3 attempts:

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    I don't have any problem with not typing capitals, as long as the sentence is understandable. It's the combination of all those stuff such as removing commas and punctuation, capitals (typing them too much like Bobcat isn't good either :P) and all the rest that irritates me.

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    Caps I don't mind. But please people, at least use commas and full-stops.

    Yours truly has taken the time to start a Wiki Article on it.

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    Footed P.J.


    I have a hard time if an attempt is not made at good punctuation. Also, all caps gets me tense; not sure why. But I can forgive dangling participles and misspellings within reason.

    Just my thoughts.

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