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    Default Heeeey, Bulldog!

    Note: For those who don't listen to the Beatles, that is a quote from "Hey Bulldog", which is a song i endorse

    Anyway, i have been into diapers my entire life and wear them often, not because i need them, but it's just fun to wear them .

    I also enjoy wearing babyish/childish clothes, both boys and girls, although i don't have very much clothes to my name.

    I'm also a babyfur, check out the artwork i put up in the babyfur section for some examples . Im a red coyote.

    Other than that, I play hockey (left wing, #4) and track, as well as trombone in the marching band. I also play bass in my band with my friend who plays guitar (we need a drummer and a singer still, tho ). I also enjoy drawing (as exampled in my fursona) and golf and watching football and hockey on tv (Go browns and blue jackets!) as well as playing basketball with friends. I also have a 1999 honda accord (cuz im a nonconformist like that )

    so now you know a thing or two about me!

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    Great intro, welcome to Adisc

    Keep your posts like this (detailed, lighthearted and inoffensive) and you'll go far

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    Yay! Another Ohioan. Welcome to the site. You certainly have a lot of cool interests - especially playing in a band.

    Cheers (that's a quote from an 80's sitcom called "Cheers").

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    aww thx u guys

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