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Thread: Greetings from Southern California

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    Default Greetings from Southern California

    On other forums, I'll tell what city I'm from, but that's as much as I'll narrow it down right now.

    I'm 41, straight, and an AB. Sort of looking for a mom, or a mom who likes to switch and be babied, or just friends. Maybe I'll post a photo when I can get together a Bambino, my camera and my nerve. :P

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    ...not gonna happen mmmkay?

    not here, this ant a dating site,

    now before shuriken fly your way (joke) teell us what ELSE you like to do.

    for fun. aside from diapers.

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    Hi, this isn't a dating site, so we don't normally encourage posts like yours, asking for a mommy. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you better, outside the ABDL world. We are a community here, and as such like to get to know everyone really well

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    ADISC is an adult and teen friendly place, and certainly is not a place to post dating-site type messages.

    Please feel free to make another intro thread explaining more about you. But definitely take a bigger look around this site and get an idea of what is appropriate.

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