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Thread: Cuddlz vs. Bambinos

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    Default Cuddlz vs. Bambinos

    It has long been speculated that the Cuddlz diapers that have recently become available in the UK are simply re-branded Bambino Biancos, since, at first glance, they look pretty similar. However, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever held both a Bambino and a Cuddlz in their hands at the same time (primarily due to the Bambino company's reluctance to ship outside of the US - they add a US$75 shipping charge to all orders, no matter the size, if you try).

    Since I was already placing an order from the US via Borderlinx, adding on a trial pack of Bambino Biancos added little to the overall cost (merely $7 for the diapers themselves, plus maybe $5-10 extra shipping & import duty), so I figured "what the hell?" and ordered said trial pack. A handful of people that hang around on IRC already know this.

    Anyway, the shipment arrived today (had to wait for Collar Factory to create and deliver Squigma's stuff first - it took longer for his collar & cuffs to get from Oregon to Ohio than it took for it all to get from Ohio to the UK...), and along with being blinded by hot pink faux fur, I can confirm that Cuddlz and Bambino Biancos are identical. If there's a difference, I can't see it. See the attached photos for more proof. Not that it matters, but the Cuddlz is on the right, with the Bambino on the left. And, in case anyone thinks I'm cheating and have just put two Cuddlz next to each other, I've also attached a photo of the Bambinos invoice and that of my most recent Cuddlz order.

    Yes, maybe I'm a little sad to have bothered with this, but I figured someone ought to, so that any arguments can be settled authoritatively and conclusively

    Edit: I forgot to mention that Borderlinx WILL open any package they receive, so that they know what to describe it as on the customs form, and know its value. They didn't seem to care about opening a package to find it containing diapers (although the Bambino invoice doesn't list a value, so they guessed randomly and I had to email them asking for it to be changed), but it's worth remembering if you plan to order through them.
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    Yay for... for... ? Uhm.. Yay for doing this for the community!


    (Totally don't get the fuss, but you sounded quite happy about it on IRC so I feel the need to write something :P )

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    think they look pretty similar. But Cuddlz was a good diaper.

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    Interesting - thanks for sharing. Cuddlz for a while did sell "bambinos" with the prints....sadly I never got any

    However they are working on their own nappy with their own print, hopefully out this summer some time.

    For us UK based wearers, I genuinely believe Cuddlz are the best nappy available - having tried most other brands, Cuddlz are now all I'll buy and wear.

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    thanks badger i was gonna try to get some bambino biancos but now it not worth importing them

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    its good to here that bothe sides of the atlantic arnt missing out

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyah View Post
    its good to here that bothe sides of the atlantic arnt missing out
    I'm missing out !

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    Could you compare absorbency?

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    I knew it. I don't know how... but I did! I actually had suspected it, but I couldn't be bothered to get a hold of some Cuddlz. Thanks for being less lazy than me, Badger.

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