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Thread: Hello, new here.

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    Post Hello, new here.

    Hello, As you may have noticed by the name, I go by "Chazor" Online and in the furry/ABDL community. I just recently stumbled across this site/forum and thought I may as well register up and join you guys.

    Here's a bit about me. I hail from Edmonton, AB. I'm 21 and live my life as a residential garbage collector or as some call "Sanitation Engineer". Hey...Its a fun job with great pay and benefits and its NOT as bad as you think. I have a deep interest in the medieval ages and collect swords, armor and learn knowledge about it. I'm going to take black smithing in the fall at NAIT so i can start forging my own metal...things. Also I collect dragons, A LOT of dragons, toys, stuffies, pictures, name it.

    On my spare time I like to do drawing, 3D modeling, plan/design games build DooM levels XP, work outside in my back yard, go on bike rides... I could go on and on. My favorite video game id say would be Half-Life or TES4: Oblivion followed by TES3 Morrowind.

    Ok, and do I have to even really mention this? It's quite obvious why I'm on the forums here. Yes I am a DL/furry. Well I like to call myself a "Dragon Toddler" because I don't quite fall into the baby fur category, but I'm not entirely just a DL. I fall between the two. I collect tonnes of vintage baby diapers, I constantly search Ebay and buy vintage diapers. I have loads of Luvs 1997-2000 sizes 3-6 . Huggies, Pampers pretty much everything. And I loved to put them on my plush toys. And yes I DO share/trade. My favorite adult diaper would be Bambino of course... but their current print isn't very appealing to me, so i buy blank ones and make my own tapes.

    Anywho, I'm hoping I can make some new friends here, feel free to drop me a line if you wish.

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    I can attest to there being ALOT of dragons, stuffies and figures at his place.

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    Great introduction, Chazor. I'm sure you'll fit right in here and make loads of new friends. Unfortunately the only thing we seem to have in common is we like going for bike rides...

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    Welcome Chazor May i Say, very good introduction

    hope you enjoy yourself in the forum, and i hope to see you around


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    Hi Chazor, seen you around already and I though I'd introduce myself.

    Have fun on the site, I am, so far.

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    a fellow swordmaker *swoons.

    tell me which period armour and weaponry do you prefer, gothic? maximillian? renasence italy, conquestadors? the ironsdes of olver cromwell, hundred years war? napoleonic era? chinese, japanese?

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