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    I might delete my account on here i am new to this and it seems like that most of the threads that i have posted up already no one seems to like them and i would have to agree on that my threads suck they just say stupid stuff that no one cares about

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    I will try to be as blunt but respectful as possible. You have only been on this site for less than a day. It took me over a year for myself to make a mark and it is a long path from here. Don't fret that some of your topics aren't popular. I can say that a good percent of my threads are overlooked (like my review of the Justin Bieber album). I reviewed some of your threads and a lot of them are either misplaced in a wrong subforum (Greetings/Intro forums are only to introduce yourself to this site, Diaper Talk for DL stuff, TeenBaby for TB stuff, Mature Stuff for Mature Audiences, Other for anything else. It takes some time for you to be known here, but as a suggestion: can you try to be as grammatically correct as possible as well as not talking in txt language or babytalk. Also, try and look for topics that are related to what you are talking about or post a thread ONLY if your topic is something significant or something that has not been done/closed down already. It takes time to integrate oneself to the ADISC community and you can't quit on yourself after 22 hours.

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    thank u very much for the advice that means alot to me sorry for most posts that i have put on here so far

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    Live and let learn I say. I really can only recommend you read over the rules and possibly get a spell check.

    Also not post in greetings/introductions with this topic possibly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rushhour92 View Post
    i would have to agree on that my threads suck they just say stupid stuff that no one cares about
    Since you admit that your threads aren't great, try to improve them! Next time you go to post a thread, think about what you actually want to talk about before you post it. Having a question is fine; we have a handy Wiki to answer most of your basic questions. However, if you want it to become a discussion, then you'll have to put a bit more thought into it. Also, try to be tactful...

    Forums are quite a bit different than chat. In chat you can say things and ask questions that have as simple answers as Yes or No. On the forums we expect a bit more meat to your posts.

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    You'll notice I have started very few threads, yet I'm well received on the site. One can certainly be appreciated on this site and not start threads, popular or otherwise. I would suggest that you spend time reading the many threads and their posts. See what others have to say and contribute. If you want friends, be kind to others and find ways to contribute helpful advise.

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    Here's a little tip, it's easier to post on the threads that are already open, until you get the hang of this place. Once people get to know you, they will start to appreciate your contributes more and will generally look at the new thread you just made, and reply to it.

    You have probably noticed that this is an actual forum and not just a place to Fap to. People here take pride in the site and don't want it going down the sh*thole. They might seem to be a bit mean or intimidating, it's just that they finally found a rare site with sensible people, and not just some other creepy DPF kinda forum.

    It's not that we just don't like you, it's just that a few people here are quick to nip at the fingers of others. Stick around, contribute to some threads and people will start to like you.

    Give this place a chance, we are very forgiving people. The people who nipped only meant well. There is always room for one more at this table.
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