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Thread: Self Diapering

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    Default Self Diapering

    how ex actually do you diaper your self. like applying baby powder, baby oil, rash cream, etc?????

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    On the few occasions I bother with cream I put it on standing up and then lay down on the diaper. You need to have a cloth or some wipes to get all the cream off your hands so it does not mess up the tapes.

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    i dont use cream my self, i just tab up standing. i only power after i have wased in the shower if its been needed.

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    Because i live back with me parents i have to diaper myself standing up, i often dont use baby power incase my parents comment on the smell, if i do use baby power when i get the chance i tend to pour it down the front and back of my diaper, but i prefer to diaper lying down and if i do i will pour some powder onto the diaper first and then lie down, the nwill pour some onto the front of my croch then diaper up.... I dont tend to use baby oil as i tried it once and it seemed to deterioate the diaper lining.... I do like baby power thou gives the babish smell

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    i usually diaper myself laying down, haven't used powded in a while.

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    I only use cream if I diaper a few days in a row, you need to be careful your hands carry the greasy cream and the tapes don't stick as well or sometimes at all, same thing with powder.

    I only use powder if I diaper twice in one day to dry up the excess moisture, otherwise I diaper without it.

    I lay my diaper on the floor, sit down on it fasten the lower tabs and then stand, you get a better fit standing, but the diaper just will not stay where you want it standing.

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    I lay on the floor to diaper up; I use baby powder and lotion. I also keep a towel under me so I do not have to vacuum up baby powder from my carpet.

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    I diaper myself standing up, with my butt against a wall. If i use cream I apply it first then wipe my hands well with a baby wipe so not to get lotion on the diaper or tapes. I cover my butt with the backside of the diaper and press my butt against the wall. This makes it easy to pull the front between my legs nice and snug for a good fit. I always tape from the bottom up, starting with the lowermost tapes. I pull them tight to make a good seal around my leg. I then do the middle and topmost tapes, if the diaper has all these. If I intend to double-diaper this is when I tear the plastic of the diaper I just put on (to allow fluid to pass thru to the second diaper). I then repeat the above with a second diaper. Once I'm all taped up I shake liberal amounts of baby powder in the front of the diaper, left to right. I continue around the back until I get around to where I began (this is when I enjoy the heady waft of baby powder!). I use lots of powder if I know I'll be in the same diaper for awhile. At this point I pull on my plastic panties, if I intend to wear them.

    Once swaddled in this fashion I am comfy for several hours!

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    I use...nothing. I tend to almost never use my diapers since the clean up and disposal just isn't worth the hour of happiness. I diaper up while laying down, which I get the best fit from.

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    Although I haven't done this in a while. Normally I lay down on the diaper powder myself tape up the diaper. I'm down within a minute or two and I am on my merry way.

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