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Thread: Pampers vs. Goodnites

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    Default Pampers vs. Goodnites

    what is better Pampers Cruisers size 7 or Girls Goodnites l/xl ??

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    It is really going to depend on what you are looking for. If you want a "true" diaper and Pampers fit well, You might consider them "better". If you are just looking for something that is not an adult diaper, Pampers don't "fit" or absorb enough, then you may consider Goodnites "better." Only you can decide which is better for you.

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    Why not try both and stuff Goodnites with Pampers for increased thickness and absorption?

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    Pampers 7 it's a true diaper while goodnites are meant look like boxers because there for bedwetting.

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    Well both are shitty as Pampers 7's are meant for babies and goodnites aren't meant to hold a lot either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix36 View Post
    like i mean absorbency and stuff?
    Probably Goodnites.

    But as I said if you want absorbency use stuffers.

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    If you can fit into size 7's then go for them, and that is if you can ACTUALLY fit and not just if you think you can, if not then go for goodnites. That said neither are particularly fantastic when it comes to absorbancy, it is the aesthetics that people go for you know the colourful prints or the smell of size 7's.

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    take it from me from someone who has still got some of both, the size 7 only have the novelty of being size 7, other than that its just a normal baby diaper. go with the good nights thier bigger and hold more. ie better

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