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    I'm on my black berry so I'm going to keep this short sweet and to the point. Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to head back from california, but I have a sijnus infection/ bronchitis. I can't breathe in without wanting to cough so its hard to hide. I'm worried with the whole swine flu thing last year of ill be restricted from flying. I also have a fever and what not. I'm only qorried because my friends aunt was restricted from flying when she was throwing upp (even before swine flu) do u think ill be restricted? That would suck seeing as I'm on a school trip.

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    I'd check the airport's policies on that before you go. They should have something on their site about this.

    Though, I can tell you that there was this old guy with the nastiest cough ever - both in tone and timber, and it probably sucked for him - who was right behind me for a nine-hour flight ! I'm sure if you just have the symptoms of a cold they won't even bat an eye.

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    I've never been sick on a plane, but might they allow you, but have you wear a mask? I'd not worry too much.

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    Sorry to hear this ck. If by tomorrow you're feeling a little better, I think I would just get on. I don't think they'll figure it out until you are up in the air. Hope you feel better.

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    I've flown sick before but it wasn't super noticeable (and it was from a foreign country). Would think you'd probably be okay, but worth finding out the airlines policy on it just in case

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    I haven't flown commercially..Air traffic controller guy had a cough.. I've piloted a small twin engine Cessna once. Almost wrecked it because the yoke jammed and was rapidly losing altitude. Thank god the instructor had a can of WD-40.. That scared me off flying for a while...

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    Sorry you're not feeling well, hun! I've been hacking too, due to my allergies and the humidity and what not.

    But, yeah, check the policies. You're probably not contagious, so, at most, they'll probably make you wear a mask or something. (Masks are so damn cute, though!) You should probably bring some vitamin C/cough drops to suck on during the plane trip, though. And lots of tissues. If not for your nose, then for the nasty stuff that you cough up. Vapor rub can be helpful, too. Try to keep yourself -and the other people on the flight- comfortable and safe, and you should be fine.

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    i got home! had a super time :3 no mask...but people gave me death stares! i hope they get sick :]

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    california was sunny and warm to! I was at the pool so much. I have a tan and i had fun meeting people from all over. I think my favorite thing about cali is the dry warmth- not humid. Also the gardening and palm trees are gorgeous. Unfortunetlly, due to expxences and location we were unable to do a lot of tourist stuff (70 dollars for an hour in LA my ass) like in Dallas. It was still epic though... yay BPA

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