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Thread: Blah.

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    Default Blah.

    WHO ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE. I leave for a year and this place is filled with names I haven't heard in my life. Just kill me, why don't you...

    Whatever, I dig it.
    Every one state some good qualities, and some bad qualities. About yourselves, I mean.

    ex: I can laugh at anything, but that's not really appropriate in most situations.

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    Im Left
    Good: I am Fawsome
    Bad: your not as Fawsome as me

    welcome backish

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've been here about a year (I think).

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    I'm Crazybunny

    I love macabre art

    I love to drink

    I like your signature boogeyman and I know exactly where it came from

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    Quote Originally Posted by satyrical View Post
    You haven't been gone for a year.
    Same thing.

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    I'm Gaachan.

    I know how to sarcastic and I don't afraid of anything.

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    Hai, im EpicPie, ive been here for a while now.

    Good things: I masturbate.
    Bad things: I'm cranky when im tired.

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    redtom010 here, standard user name for me...
    Very new.

    Good things: finds the good in bad,
    Bad things: gets annoying sometimes.

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    I'm pretty sure you know (We are friends after all... ), but I'll post anyway!

    Good: I'm usually pretty happy, and I like to be nice.
    Bad: I have a tendency to judge people by their grammar. Incorrect grammar usage really annoys me. Thus making me a grammar Nazi. I mean seriously, how hard is it to use spell check and practice the basic grammar your teachers have been drilling into your head since preschool?!

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