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Thread: First Day in Public

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    Default First Day in Public

    So today was the first day I wore a diaper out of my bedroom. And nobody knew. I went to my shrinks and sat in the most comfy chair, made double comfy from the diaper.

    Then I drove to my aunts office to see her. I met about 15 people and no one suspected anything. One funny thing to happen was at her office there is a koi pond. And she wanted me to feed them, so we get the food and she says, "looks like your the little boy who gets to feed the fish today." a normally innocent statement but when diapered quite funny.

    Overall a great day to be diapered, just thought I would share with you all.

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    Congrats glad you enjoyed it and that yah didn't get noticed lol. It takes balls to go out in public and to wear around people like shrinks and especially around family members. For me i personally would never want to risk it. But congrats none the less

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    Yeah...My family likes to touch, so thats a huge no-no for me...But yes, you do have some big ones for wearing around your aunt and your shrink outside of your home...

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    Congratulations! I've only worn a diaper out in public once. I was with another babyfur in another city, different than my own. We spent a whole day diapered, it was great. =3 And that was my only time.

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    Well done. Walking around in a diaper is not always easy. My experience is that hardly anybody noticed it and if they do most people don't say anything. So keep on wearing them!

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    Unless you are wearing a super thick diaper like Abrifom X-Plus under skin tight jeans or other "form fitting" clothing, no one really notices. A typical diaper under normal clothing is unnoticeable to the average "Joe" under normal clothing. So have fun and enjoy in public.

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    it happened to me going diapered outside the first day i tried them my mate pulled me into town luckily we went to inconspicuous places and i was not caught but i was very scared and nervous but fun all the same.

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    now all you have to do is go one step ahead, bulky pants then nothing but diapers but that would go over the edge nice one!

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    I have Crohns. I wear a diaper 24 / 7 / 365.

    [Of course] I wear a diaper in public.

    I wear ** tall t-shirts. ** And, loose fitting pants. Unless my t-shirt rides up (highly unlikely), nobody can observe that I am wearing a diaper.

    I normally wear a cloth diaper + snap-on, vinyl pants.

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