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Thread: hi im new!!!

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    Default hi im new!!!

    Well hi my name is cvalle xD, mmmm i dont know where to start.
    im 15 years old and live in latin america, more precisly in El Salvador my main lenguage is spanish ,so if i make a grammar mistake or something pleaseee! tell me so it wont happen again. =)
    im looking mostly for friends (tbs) :P you know people around my age to talk to well i think thats basically al i wanted to say
    hope we can be good friends!

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    Nice to meet you! :33 Welcome to ADISC.orgggggggggggg. :333333333

    I hope we can be friends! :}D

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    Anything you wanna say about yourself that you haven't already said? :3 Any talents, hobbies, etc.?

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    Bienvenido a los foros!
    I'm currently in my first year of Spanish. If your looking to meet friends I would recommend that you tell us a little bit more about yourself, such as hobbies or or interests. Oh, and don't worry too much about making grammar mistakes, people (most) don't mind small grammatical mistakes as long as it's still comprehensible. Again welcome to the forums!

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    oh well ok i like to play soccer XD i also enjoy watching anime :P
    mmm going out with my friends
    i watch american tv shows such as "lost" "smallville" ""greys anatomy" and others,
    mm i like videogames but i dont like to play in my laptop and i only have a ngc

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    d00d I loveee soccer! And ngc as in gamecube? :3 Gamecubes are awesome!!

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    oh yeah ! i am a big fan of real madrid !!! xD
    but i also watch premier(england) and calcio (italy)
    yes ngc as in gamecube xD i love it, though im thinking on buying a xbox 360 :P

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