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Thread: I need some expert Advice! could land me a Crib!!

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    Default I need some expert Advice! could land me a Crib!!

    Hello fellow Adisc Members, today i was talking to my mom about this Really nice antique wood Crib at a local antique store in town. She would normally say no to that because im almost 30. Anyways! I need 10 Very Good Reasons why i should have one, just 10.

    So Please give me your ABSOLUTE Best reasons why! I really want a crib and its something that all ABDLs/Babyfurs want. Thanks Everyone!

    Note to Mods: If this topic isn't in the right forum, please move it, thanks.

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    You like pretending to be a baby?

    Why do you think we have any better ideas than you? :P

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    Speaking about the crib from a mostly non-ABDL perspective:

    - If you are planning on using the crib, the workmanship of the distant past is usually far greater than today's factory-made furniture.
    - Antiques if upkept, are great for decor.
    - Antiques are excellent conversation pieces

    - You're almost 30, which means you can buy whatever you want.

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    i actually still live with parents due to the jobless %. i REALLY want one bad, so please more!

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    For your upcoming children of the future?
    Because the past is beautiful? (I, for one, love antiques, especially bikes. :heart: ngh..)
    Free will? (but does your mother know about the AB/DL thing is what I'm really wondering here....)

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    nei, not sure she does. keep them coming. I need really Good reasons, please think out the best and help mem thanks.

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    I would just accept that in life some things you may want but be unable to have.

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    Let me get this straight - you're 28 living with your parents who aren't in on the AB/DL thing, and you want to buy a crib for personal use?

    There isn't an excuse that can be given that won't make this an extremely awkward and creepy pitch.

    If your parents were informed on your AB/DLism and supportive, then the fact that you're 28 and you want it should be enough. If they are not informed or are unsupportive or even simply object to their 28-year-old having a crib in his room, then you simply have to suck it up until you're employed and not in your parents' house.

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    Very true, im not sure they know, but wanting a crib is a dead giveaway. i finished my reasons by writing them down. my mom will read them and think about it.
    i just hope to Finally have one.

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