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    Hi everyone, Im DL! I guess I can call myself a BabyFur and Teenbaby, (I'm also a switch, so I love taking care of people.) I don't really know the dif much on TeenBaby and Babyfur. Anyway, you can call me DL, or Adri.

    Im 17 (Turning 18 this month on the 25th), multinational and I really am interested in this website for support and general talk! Im a gemini, so Im emotional at times. Im very open minded, love to talk, and very interested in making new friends! Also, Im extremely shy both here and in RL, and my fursona is a blonde husky. (Will post profile piccie later) Note: I am gay, so if you're uncomfy with that, then I respect your choice, but please don't make mean insults, or else you get a slap on your paw hehe :P

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone! Hope to make lots of friends! :3
    PS: Free hugs, snugs, cuddles n kisses for all! x3

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    Yo yo yo! Welcome to the forums! :33

    Nice to meetttttt you!

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    Nice to meet you too

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    Hello and welcome.
    What do you love to talk about? :P

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    I was surprised about the friend request but that just means I have someone new to talk to. WELCOME.

    (I'll go for some cuddles and hugs.)

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    Welcome to the site. We are a very accepting group. After all, we all, well most all, wear diapers, so being gay isn't going to make us uncomfortable. Besides, there are many gay and bi members on this site. This is a good place to receive hugs, gay, bi or straight.

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    Hmmm... LOBO...
    are you from Latin America or Spain?
    Anyway, welcome to the site!

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