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Thread: diaper=daytime, pullups=night anyone else?

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    Default diaper=daytime, pullups=night anyone else?

    I was just curious, my urologist, and GP think it's weird that I wear a regular tape diaper for daytime wear, and use pullups at night. I do have a very good reason for this, but it took me years to find out about it.

    The reason is simple, I am male, in my 50's now. Anyway, being male, I have no hips, and when pullups for adults came out, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but found when walking around, I was ALWAYS having to pull them up. But in bed, even when wet, they stay up a whole lot better. I found wearing a regular tape diaper when out & about, it stayed up no problem as long as the tapes hold. That' pretty much opposite of what I read everywhere, including the manufacturers. Anyone else?? Just curious...


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    I normally start off in a pullup in the day when I wear the whole day, then change to a diaper once that is wet due to the inconvience of having to take clothes off to change it and always wear a diaper at night unless my stomach is acting up and then it's pullups at night also.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Actually, diapers during the day and pullups at night make perfect sense. With pullups, you have to take your clothes off in order to change a soiled/wet pullup.

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    Never even thought about that...that's a wonderful observation!

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    Because some of you might think that even though we might enjoy the diaper. Wearing them 24/7 can sometimes take the fun right out of it.
    *EDIT: BTW, I just wear a normal diaper all day/night
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    I have to wear 24/7 for bladder incontinence / bedwetting...

    I may have tried most available products over the years... but pull ups? no thanks...
    been there, done that and got the wet pants.

    there has so far not been a single model which would actually work as advertised... during day-time use well they work, unless I have a big "accident" and "empty".... but they will just leak too quickly... and when it's time to change I have to completely strip of my shoes, "real" pants, underpants and the diaper-pants... which on a public toilet is a chore and nasty as well...

    and at night - hell no way for pull ups at all... leak after the first time.

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    i guess im the one person here who likes pull-ups more then normal diapers (probly because what sparked my interest)

    however i wear pullups more then diapers both day and night. in general i find that if you go one size smaller then there should be no problem. and at night it is truly better to use a stuffer or 2

    EDIT: one of the reasons i like the depends gender specific pullups is definitely because the fit, while the absorption of the pullup it self might not be good enough as long as it fits good, you can stuff it and have no problem.

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    The "pull-ups slipping down my waist" thing is understandable. If you didn't have this problem, you could wear pull-ups at first, then switch to a diaper mid-day by ripping the sides out (you don't have to undress to remove a pull-up, just to put one on.)

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    pull-ups are either to small (sides rip easily) or to big and both leaks anyway

    real diapers all the way here, with plastic, cause the cloth-like is crap

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