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Thread: Call of Duty: Black Ops

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    Default Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Call of Duty: Black Ops | Age Gate

    I was blown away by the trailer. I bet this will outdo MW2 in multiplayer, but I find it hard to beat MW2s campaign.

    Overall, this game looks spectacular, and I'm looking forward to buying it.

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    So many big game releases coming out right after each other halo and call of duty each had a big release and now another only a year later the games are going to get less and less good because they don't spend enough time developing them.

    Any way, looks like a teaser to me dosn't look like you could get a real sence of what the games going to be like other then it looks like veitnam war era. But yea it looks cool you might be able to fly a helicopter and stuff. Should look for it at E3 on G4 and i think spike t.v has a gamer show to i don't know though.

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    Call Of Duty: Black Op's isn't even made by Infinity Ward, Activision is whoring out the Call Of Duty name. Activison also fired the two lead designers of Infinity Ward and after that, many of the most talented people at Infinity Ward quit.

    So yeah, Black Ops is not a true Call Of Duty game and MW2 will most likely be the last true Call Of Duty.

    Also it seems that some of the people who left Infinity Ward have job's at a new EA studio. (Seriously, read gaming news... this stuff is a lot like a good crime/thriller movie)

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    The teaser looked kick ass, and it does look like it will be in Vietnam. Only one thing though, they better make it scary as fuck. They portrayed the gore and violence seen in WWII with WAW, they now have to go 10 times better to keep up with MW2. MW2's campaign could be outdone by this, as long as things in the campaign stay fresh, have a few twists and stay epic through the whole game. It also needs to be longer so I have to play it over at least 3 or 4 hours (I beat MW2s campaign in 2 hours). Not to mention it better be aesthetically amazing... AMAZING!!

    The multiplayer will probably just end up a like a more perfected version of WAWs multiplayer, which isn't a bad thing. The maps will have elements from the maps that everyone liked in all of the previous games. Hopefully, they can go farther with weapons and weapon attachments/ modifications (But please restrict the noobtubes) and cut the killstreaks down a bit. They need to give you and your team an edge not a fuckin' gunship that fires 105mm high explosive rounds into enclosed spaces.

    There, thats what I hope to see in the new game.

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    they'd have to allow dedicated servers (for PC side at least) before I'd ever be interested to begin with

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    Trailer was very very very meh, so I'm not excited one bit, but I know it won't be hard at all to top MW2's retarded Michael Bay-esque campaign.

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    Trailer doesnt look that great but ll still be buying it unless theres no dedi server support then they can get lost. i wont make the same mistake twice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    they'd have to allow dedicated servers (for PC side at least) before I'd ever be interested to begin with
    agreed! if it doesn't have dedicated server or lan support I'm probably not going to buy it, I play MW2 a lot and I get SICK of their servers (that should be better, but are not!).

    also there's no real community around these games since there is no good way to have 'wars' online. the big success about counterstrike was because it was community friendly, clans could organise games online against each other, wich you can't really do with MW2 (yeah I know you can add them as a friend first etc.. etc... but that's too much work, when you play clan vs. clan you just want to give out the IP and password of your dedicated server).

    I hope game makers will soon realise that no lan-support kills their own community wich results in loss of profits.
    even the battlefield Bad Company 2 approach is wrong, only allowing dedicated servers from 'selected' providers is not the way to go... it's still no lan-support, so it will never become a big hit with a larger community.


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    i have evry cod game to date so buying this will do no harm but if its just activison doing a microsoft i cant blame them if they dont make money there screwed

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    Call of Duty without Infinity Ward is like Leisure Suit Larry without Al Lowe. It is like Sonic the Hedgehog in 3-D. Frankly, it should not exist.

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