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Thread: Letter or Night out?

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    Default Letter or Night out?

    Well I posted a question asking whether or not I should write a letter to a friend of mine, just summing up what she has meant to me over High School. I got many responses saying that it would be a sweet thing to do. One of my friends questioned me as to why I was writing her and letter and why I don't just take her out for a "Night on the town".

    So, what do you think would make this person feel better receiving? A letter or a night out? List your reasons as to why you selected one or the other.

    PS: I do not mean night out in a dirty way.

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    why not both? write them a letter and a night out? If it had to between the 2 i would say letter as i feel it'd make them feel more appreciated then just a night out.

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    I think I would invite her out as it's more person to person. You might ask her what she would like to do, some favorite place, etc. Be at ease and relaxed. Enjoy the evening for what it is and good luck.

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    Life is about *doing* stuff together.

    If other people didn't exist, or if I was isolated from them forever... I don't think I'd want to carry on living. Letters can be kept forever... but I think they mean more to someone who you've spent your life with. A kind of "cherry on the cake" of a good life.

    So I would prefer to spend my time doing things with other people face-to-face where you can have an intimate bond (I don't mean sexually).

    The people I remember fondly are the ones that I've had an amazing time with... not the ones who write me nice emails/letters. Although, having said that, why not write your friend a letter too?

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    I would say a night out. It gives you an opportunity to sit, look the person in the eye and speak to them face to face. It will feel more personal, and will be easier to say what you want to say, then if it was written in a letter. I understand it might be harder face to face, but it will work out better speaking face to face.

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    Personally I'd opt for the night out. I think a conversation face to face would seem more personal and meaningful.

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    I say the night out. A letter is sweet and well hearted but the face to face moment is always better since that moment is what one will truly remember. If you write the letter it will be remembered before it becomes clutter and trash later on. Keep the memories vibing and those cute and hard fought moments are what are remembered the most before dementia kicks in.

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